The Top 5 reasons I could never live on a Ranch

The Top 5 reasons I could never live on a Ranch…

I have been a romance reader since forever…or high school at least. One of my first loves was the cowboy/rancher hero. Love everything about that archetype-hardworking, strong, brave, noble, chivalrous…you get the idea, maybe that’s what you love about them too.

I may have even pictured myself on a ranch in my misguided youth. Now? I know enough about myself that I would never last.

In my book, The Rancher’s Second Chance, Melanie Simms is a city-girl while the hero, Cole Forrester is your hardworking, hot-as-hell, rancher. Of course, put these two together (and maybe a blizzard!) and sparks fly. Melanie may have a few of my phobias, but luckily for her, Cole is there to make things a little easier for her ;-).

Since I’m not Melanie, here are my top 5 reasons I’d never last on a ranch…

1. I’m afraid of spiders. Okay, so maybe that’s not a big deal, but seriously, if I can’t handle a spider how am I going to deal with reasons 2,3,4, and 5?

2. I’m afraid of mice. This is pathetic, I know. But I just can’t help it. I can’t stand being freaked out by a little black creature that scurries around without notice. Last fall, when throwing the garbage into our garage from the inside of our house, I heard a suspicious noise (I’m always on high alert for these types of noises)…so I quickly slammed the door shut and ran back into the house to find my husband. He gave me a look and went into the garage. I of course, hid. Sure enough-mouse! So, see, how could I handle being out on the range-mice, rats, etc. Nope.

3. I’m afraid of snakes. Okay, so you may be sensing a theme here. Snakes? Enough said.

4. I also may have a slight aversion wide open spaces at night time. I would constantly be thinking that someone might be lurking in the bushes…or range…or barn. You know.

5. Also…haunted…yes, I’m afraid of ghosts. Honestly, I know by now you’re probably wondering how I manage to get out of bed with all these phobias, but if it’s some rambling old house in the country? If there’s a creak at night? I’m thinking-ghost!

So as you can see, I shouldn’t be let anywhere near a ranch. I think I could fake it enough to survive a day or so, but after that? I would just embarrass myself and anyone related to me.

Luckily my heroine, Melanie isn’t such a wimp. And Cole is just the type of strong, patient, rancher that can help her adjust to ranch life.

I hope you fall in love alongside Cole and Melanie!

Thanks for reading!



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