Amanda Usen’s One Night Stand-arita Recipe!

One night is only the beginning…in this deeply sexy and bold third installment in the Unforgettable Fire series from author Amanda Usen. Available on June 17, 2024. Find out where to pre-order your copy here.


Looking for a good margarita recipe? This homemade sour mix is my go-to for hot summer evenings. If you enjoy mixology, give it a shot! (Or two, this is a no-judgment zone.) If you prefer quick and simple, store-bought sour mix works just fine.

What makes this margarita special? The splash of unsweetened cranberry juice at the end!

It adds a little razzle-dazzle, an extra tart finish, and a zippy goodbye. Although Anna has a One Night Stand-arita in the middle of a hot summer fling in my new release ONE NIGHT STAND EVER AFTER, this margarita would also be a great Christmas cocktail. I can imagine throwing in some festive sugared cranberries as an additional sweet and sour garnish.

Cheers to summer reading (and summer cocktails)!



Anna Rivera may not be ready to say goodbye to her burlesque troupe—or New York City—but she’s determined to go out with a bang. Which is when she sees a face in the crowd that sends her heart rate through the roof. Max Cooper. Her brother’s friend, and the object of many, many teenage fantasies. But while Max may look like sin in a suit, he’s not prepared for the moves she’s got in store…

Max knows he should turn away—Anna’s been off-limits forever—but he can’t help himself. The electric connection sizzles between them, but Max knows better than to play with fire. This calls for rules. Boundaries. Setting out expectations. Just a hot little hook-up and that’s it.

But fate plays dirty. Soon Max and Anna find themselves stuck in their small hometown together, and avoiding that sexy spark is impossible. Now they’re sneaking around enjoying one month of no-holds-barred, unbelievably wicked sex—until Anna leaves for her next gig. And all the consequences in the world might not be enough to stop this fling they’ve started…


Each book in the Unforgettable Fire series is STANDALONE:
* One Night Stand After Another
* One Night Stand with Benefits
* One Night Stand Ever After




Amanda Usen has spent most of her life immersed in story—and butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. After graduating from college, she fortified her English BA with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, figuring a professional chef would never be a starving writer. Amanda loves chocolate, yoga, and carbs in all forms. When she isn’t writing or cooking, she can usually be found reading or hanging out with her small menagerie of cats, ducks, and mostly-grown children.

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