April Buddy Read: The Moonlight Blade by Tessa Barbosa

I am so excited to announce our April buddy read, THE MOONLIGHT BLADE by Tessa Barbosa, which releases TOMORROW!

As well, there will be a Tiktok livestream with Tessa Barbosa to talk about The Moonlight Blade on March 22nd, and an AMA in our Discord server on March 30th! Be sure to start thinking about your questions!


I promised my mother I would never come to Bato-Ko…and yet here I am.

Narra Jal is one of the cursed, cast aside her whole life, considered unlucky. But with her mother’s life on the line, she will return to the city where she was born to face the trials: a grueling, bloodthirsty series of challenges designed to weed out the weak, the greedy, and the foolish. Trials to select the next ruler of Tigang.

Narra has nothing. No weapons. No training. No magic. No real chance of leaving with her life. Just her fierce grit and a refusal to accept the destiny she’s been handed. Even the intense, dark-eyed Guardian she feels a strangely electric connection with cannot help her. Narra is on her own. But she’ll show everyone what the unlucky can do.

Let the bloodbath begin.


You can buy THE MOONLIGHT BLADE from a variety of locations, but here are a few quick links:

Amazon US


Barnes and Noble

Indigo (Canada)

Amazon UK

The Moonlight Blade is also available wherever you get your e-books!


All of the channels for each set of chapters will remain open throughout the course of the month. You’re welcome to read ahead, take it slow, do whatever works best for you!

Week One: Prologue to Chapter 12

Week Two: Chapter 13 to Chapter 25

Week Three: Chapter 26 to Chapter 38

Week Four: Chapter 39 to Chapter 50


First things first, you’ll need to join our Discord server! Once you’re in, be sure to read the rules—found in the rules channel on the left hand side. Feel free to introduce yourself in the discussion channel and scroll on down to the Buddy Read category to talk about the book!

Be sure to join our wonderful moderators, Zac, Brittany, Darian, and Nola, in celebrating the release and enjoying this high stakes, fast paced, edge of your seat fantasy!

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