Entangled Garden Party: Top 5 Things To Do In Spring with Aliyah Burke

I love spring. It’s my second favorite season. So, here in the Pacific Northwest, spring generally means a slow in the rainy wintery season. I love that we can get back out and enjoy the incredible views in the area. So, a breakdown of some of my top things to do in Spring, here we go.


  1. Walking at the historical sites. I love going to the historical sites in the area. In the spring they are just beautiful with all the trees coming into bloom. This photo is from a past year when we were enjoying Fort Vancouver.
  2. Geocaching. Something my husband and I do, both in the city and out in the country. It’s great to be out and moving but when it’s light for longer than when I’m at work, I tend to make more use of the app on our phones to head out and see what we can discover.
  3. Going to get plants and flowers for the house. This is when we get more roses, houseplants and others. There’s a lot of repotting which essentially, I’m making a mess but hey…I’m happy. We have a lot of fantastic nurseries near us that we utilize. I do try to get at least one new plant/flower a year that I’ve never cared for before, not sure what it will be this year but I’m excited anyway.
  4. I have an app for different walking trails in the country and so we do different ones, again, starting in the spring when it’s lighter for a decent portion of the time. We pick different ones throughout the PacNorwest and just go for a day or two.
  5. Flea Markets/Farmer’s Markets the one near us starts this month. We’re ready. I didn’t go so much last year but I’m ready again this year. We have a red wagon that we take because…I need my hands free to try all the things and I’m not about to carry all the fruits/etc around while we walk for a few hours. 

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