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You’ve probably just read a book that was so incredible it left you a little speechless. You leave your review, try to move on to the next book, but it just doesn’t seem to hit. You need more of the book you just finished—those tropes are still completely stuck with you.

Well, great news: I’ve got the ticket to your next read.

If you just finished HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER by Tessa Bailey? You should read UNFIXABLE by Tessa Bailey!

Do you love the steaminess of Tessa Bailey’s work? Her swoonworthy male leads? Then this feels like an obvious start: if you love Tessa Bailey’s work, check out her other books! It should perfectly scratch that itch in your brain for more romance.

If you just finished BEACH READ by Emily Henry? Read THE THINGS WE LEAVE UNFINISHED by Rebecca Yarros!

Beach Read is built on those immaculate rivals to lovers vibes and a wealth of grief from a family member with a secret that’s been revealed. Well then, Rebecca Yarros has the perfect read for you. THE THINGS WE LEAVE UNFINISHED has rivals to lovers, grief, and family secrets all wrapped up in the most satisfying bow. If you’re a fan of January Andrews and Augustus Everett, you’ll love Georgia Stanton and Noah Harrison—but you’ll also love getting the insight into that big family secret.

If you just finished THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green? You should read A MESSY, BEAUTIFUL LIFE by Sara Jade Alan!

A love story built around cancer? We’ve got you covered. If you miss Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters navigating love while battling cancer, then this book is sure to tug on your heartstrings as Ellie tries to keep all of her emotions close to her chest so she doesn’t break someone else’s heart when she finds out she has cancer.

If you just finished UGLY LOVE by Colleen Hoover? You should read FULL MEASURES by Rebecca Yarros and SCARS BETWEEN US by M.K. Schiller!

This is a two for one deal! If you loved Ugly Love, then I’ve got the best recommendations for you. Schiller has crafted a story of an unwilling male lead, a powerhouse female lead, and two people who just can’t seem to walk away from each other. Meanwhile, Yarros delivers an incredibly steamy story of intense and undeniable attraction and the vulnerability that comes along with that.

If you just finished LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green? Read LOVE AND OTHER KNOWN VARIABLES by Shannon Lee Alexander!

Do you love a good prank? A female lead with a gravitational pull so strong it’s impossible to escape? A male lead so wickedly smart it’s almost unfair? Then Shannon Lee Alexander has crafted the perfect book for you.

If you just finished LOVE AND OTHER WORDS by Christina Lauren? You should read LETTING GO by Jessica Ruddick!

If Love and Other Words has left you begging for another second chance romance? Jessica Ruddick has your back. LETTING GO is a vibrant story of giving love a second chance, overcoming the odds, and pushing through life when things seem out of place.

If you just finished the OFF CAMPUS series by Elle Kennedy? You should read ONE NIGHT OF SIN by Elle Kennedy!

This is another obvious option: if you love the Off Campus series, you should absolutely check out the After Hours series! One Night of Sin throws you head first into that perfect bad boy, one night stand, sexy, and seductive storyline that Kennedy has mastered! 

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