Former Harlequin editor Alethea Spiridon-Hopson joins Entangled Publishing

This has been a banner week for Entangled Publishing.  On top of announcing Stacy Cantor Abrams as our new Editorial Director, we are thrilled to announce that Alethea Spiridon-Hopson has joined our team. She comes to Entangled after working as a freelance editor, as well as almost seven years with Harlequin Books in Toronto.


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Entangled Publishing continues its growth in the romance fiction market with the addition of another industry-wise editor to its management team. Both Lori Wilde, Editorial Director of the Indulgence line, and Elizabeth Pelletier, founder and Publisher of Entangled Publishing, believe Ms. Spiridon-Hopson brings experience and passion which will help shape the new category line.  “Indulgence will focus on alpha heroes and storylines similar to those found in Harlequin’s very successful Desire line.

Our category romances will emphasize young, fresh voices within the traditional tropes, and Alethea is the perfect choice to work with me on guiding the Indulgence imprint in this direction,” says Editorial Director, Lori Wilde.  “She was one of my editors at Harlequin, and we’ve always been like-minded about what makes a great romance.”

Ms. Spiridon-Hopson has edited everything from historical romance and paranormal romance, to non-fiction, plays, and poetry.  “Alethea is just the kind of experienced, dynamic, and talented individual we’ve been looking for to manage this exciting new line. She’ll handle many of the day-to-day aspects of creating a catalog of great category romances.  Her role as Managing Editor will free up Lori to focus on the overall direction and quality of the line through acquisitions and editorial oversight,” adds Ms. Pelletier.

Ms. Spiridon-Hopson is excited to be on the Entangled team. “I love being part of such an energetic and vibrant community of authors and editors.  Lori Wilde and I worked together on a few projects at Harlequin and we hit it off right away.  Now I get to work with her again, which makes being at Entangled all the more wonderful.”

About her decision to join Entangled Publishing, Ms. Spiridon-Hopson adds,”What drew me to Entangled is the unique publishing model that marries the traditional and indie models really well. Authors don’t lose out and do benefit from the best of both worlds. It’s genius, and about time someone did it!”

Entangled Publishing has made a big name for itself in a short period of time.  Critically acclaimed YA and adult novels, a full sub-rights department, early foreign translation rights sales, the main line headed by Stacy Cantor Abrams, former editor with Walker Bloomsbury, the company’s new foray into category romance with Lori Wilde, and now the addition of Alethea Spiridon-Hopson as Managing Editor of the Indulgence line has put this start-up publisher firmly on the industry map.

Ms. Spiridon-Hopson has worked with such high caliber authors as Bobby Hutchinson, Roberta Gellis, Lori Foster, Cathy Yardley, Jill Shalvis, Anne Stuart, and Pamela Morsi. She favors fun, flirty voices, and anything that can make her laugh and see the lighter side of life.  In addition, she’s drawn to contemporary alpha males stories.  “I’m also excited to be acting as a Senior Editor, acquiring and editing projects that catch my eye.  I am looking forward to reading and acquiring great books with strong dialogue and characterization.”

She is currently accepting submissions at Alethea (at) You can also find her on twitter @aletheaspiridon

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  • I am very curious about this new line. I have a completed historical romance approx 72,000 words looking for a home and am considering your house. Right now I have signed 7- 50,000 word historical romances and 2 short erotica romances with a new small pub house but am drowning under all the promo needed and still making very sad sales. I am very interested in a pubhouse that helps to actively promote books. When are you accepting subs for this new line and when will you have the guidelines intact for it?

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