Five reasons why you NEED to read LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES

(which you can buy right now for only $.99!)

I know I’m biased when it comes to this book, but truly, you NEED to read LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES, and not just because it’s my first book baby, but because of these five, very reasonable reasons.


  1. You’ll laugh out loud.

Laughing out loud can reduce stress, strengthen your heart, boost your immune system, and relax your muscles. I don’t know all the specifics, but Charlie Hanson, the main character in LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES is a wiz as science and could explain the science-y stuff to you for sure. 


  1. You’ll cry your eyes out.

Let’s keep the good feelings, flowing. Like laughing, crying also releases a flood of endorphins in your system that ultimately make you feel good, even if your nose gets red from all the tissues you used. 


  1. You’ll be inspired to win the next prank war that you find yourself embroiled in.

As an educator, I cannot condone prank wars. But as a writer, I had fun imagining the sorts of pranks that might go on at a math and science school. 

Charlie and his friends definitely put an interesting spin on the pranks they pulled on their English teacher. And while pranking the English teacher at your STEM school just because you don’t want to read a little Shakespeare is terribly immature, the pranks add to the laugh-out-loud-ness mentioned in reason number one. Let us not forget all those health benefits!


  1. Reading LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES will cure math anxiety. *

I had some bad experiences with math teachers pretty early in life, and thanks to them, I’ve developed math anxiety. I break out in a sweat! 

When writing about a math geek in LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES, I was amazed at all the ways that math and art intersect. Suddenly, math didn’t seem so foreign to me. In many ways, it became beautiful instead of frightening. 

So, while I can’t actually say LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES will cure math anxiety (even though I absolutely just said that above), I can say reading the book will help you see math from a new, less stressful perspective.

*This statement has not been verified by any medical professionals anywhere.


  1. The warmth of first love will keep you cozy as winter drags on.

If you live in a cold winter climate, like me, then you’ll appreciate a little something to warm your frozen heart. Charlie and Charlotte’s sweet love blooms slowly, like the prize-winning roses Charlie must learn to care for, as these high school seniors discover they aren’t as different as they first suspected.

If you live somewhere warm, please know I am trying (and failing) to not be jealous right now.

These five fabulous (and totally scientific**) reasons are why you should purchase your very own copy of LOVE AND OTHER UNKNOWN VARIABLES. You can read it FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


Shannon Lee Alexander is a wife and mother (two kiddos and one yellow terrier). She is passionate about coffee, books, and public education. She is a former English Language Arts teacher and is finally living her lifelong dream of working in a school library (cue music from the swoon-worthy library reveal in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast). Shannon is the author of the contemporary young adult novels, Love and Other Unknown Variables and Life after Juliet. She currently lives near Indianapolis with her family.


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