Five Paranormal Romance Reads You Should Read During October

October is all about the spooky season. Whether you’re young or old, participating in those time-honored traditions of the season is always fun. The same can be said for spooky season reads! No matter what your favorite paranormal creature is, there is sure to be a book out there for you! Here are five paranormal romances you should read this October: 


THE ROGUE KING by Abigail Owen

When the rogue Dragon shifter Brand meets the Phoenix Kasia, he will do everything in his power to take her to the Blood King to enact his revenge. Plans change when white hot need sparks between the two and he decides she’s his and so is his birthright. This is the perfect book to keep you warm on a cool fall night and ignite your desires for a dragon shifter. 



There’s no better place to go for salvation from your own paranormal powers and a demon seeking your soul than New Orleans. Seeking help from an unlikely pair, a vampire and werewolf, they’re willing to help her with more than just taming her powers. Reading this will give you all the spooky vampire and werewolf vibes you crave from the Halloween season! 



Writing an article about werewolves when Gwen doesn’t think they exist should be easy, right? But, when someone mysteriously hands her a flash drive with proof, two very real werewolves show up. Jorge would do anything to keep his pack safe, but is he willing to risk his mate to do just that? This one will get your heart pumping like a fantastic scary movie! You just won’t want to close your eyes for any of it! 



When Tara’s aunt passes away, she’s determined to live life to the fullest, away from all her aunt’s rules. When she reveals her life has been a lie, she hires a dark and mysterious private investigator to help unravel the mystery. But, when the mysteries of her past collide with all the problems of Christian’s present, Tara is quick to learn that some rules are meant to be broken. This book will help scratch the itch for hot fae, added mystery and add some heat to your cool weather! You won’t need a sweater reading this pulse pounding paranormal romance! 


Once you’ve gone through all of the above, dive into BAD MOON RISING by Zoe Forward! 

Lycan Roman Lanzo and his brothers are bound—by magic—to serve the Crown of England. But when he discovers a rare and powerful female Lycan with no memory, he knows only that he must protect her…especially from himself. Roman tries his best to resist everything, but when Nova touches him, all bets are off. When you need something to protect you from those monsters that go bump in the night, Roman and Nova will be there to keep you safe. This is the perfect book to help you through the spookies and scaries. The best part? There’s a second book coming out October 17, keeping you protected all of October! 


Whether you’re a fan of angels, demons, fae, vampires, werewolves, or all of the above, this list will help keep you entertained and in the spirit of the season all month long! 

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