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It’s New Release Monday!

Check out all of our hot new romance this week at Entangled.



Fool Me Forever by Ainslie Paton 

The sassy and beautiful Lenore is the only woman in the world Halsey Sherwood can be honest with. It’s just his luck she despises his profession—conning the rich and evil, and donating the proceeds to charity. To win her heart, he steps out of his comfort zone and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. He’ll get her money back from the bad guys and help her rebuild her reputation. And if things go sideways, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.


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Never Expected You by Jody Holford

When Zach Mason, former army sergeant turned veterinarian for war-wounded animals, returns home, the decision to stay is easy. But convincing the only other vet in town to hire him is a good deal harder. It doesn’t help that the beautiful, intelligent, and stubborn Stella Lane is determined to make his life hell. Too bad she’s nothing but temptation. And now his new roommate…

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Uncontrollable by Nina Croft

When Melody Lyons is inducted into the Federation’s elite Bureau of Time Management, it’s the pinnacle of her ambitions. Only when she’s sent back to the twenty-first century to eliminate a group of rogue time travelers, she never guesses she’ll fall for a man who died two thousand years ago…  Quinn Sutherland, second in command of the Tribe, a group of powerful telepaths, awakens emotions she hadn’t known existed. And before long, she’s has to wonder…whose side is she on?

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Dark Water by Tricia Tyler

Nick Garrison’s opinion of so-called psychics is carved in stone, as well as on his heart, which puts his best friend’s little cousin squarely off limits, regardless of how much the sassy, Cajun, spitfire turns him on. But when Evangeline Broussard supposed sixth sense, and a leak in the local police department, put her in the crosshairs of the killer, she’s the only one who can save them all.


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The Boss by Abigail Owen

Finn Conleth leads his team of enforcer dragon shifters with an iron fist and a cold heart. After the dragon mating process killed the woman he loved, he vowed to never risk his heart again. Delaney Hamilton moved across the country to escape the freak fires that plague her. But when another suspicious fire erupts and rapidly escalates around her, she has no choice but to turn to the mysterious men who come to her aid. Finn knows the fire is dragon-caused, but no matter how her wounded grey eyes call to every part of him, he refuses to risk her life in the mating process. Until another dragon threatens to claim Delaney for his own.

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Watched from a Distance by Allison B. Hanson

Lena Scott is in a world of hurt. She’s being forced to pay off her ex’s debts to people who’d rather kill her than look at her…and are making demands she’s desperate to avoid. But kidnapping and murder? Hell, no. When the threats turn deadly, Lena refuses to be a pawn any longer. When U.S. Marshal Dane Ryan is lured into unexpected danger, he doesn’t trust the beautiful and mysterious woman who put him there. She has her own agenda, and they both have big secrets, but for either to survive, they’ll need to work together to defeat their mutual enemy. Falling in love will only mean more to lose…

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A Potion for Passion by Elizabeth Keysian

When a handsome apothecary offers Flora Hartington a chance at adventure, a brief escape from the shackles of propriety, she jumps at it. Lawrence Campion vows to keep Flora safe in his world of wreckers and rogues…but he has big plans that don’t involve falling in love with a beautiful and feisty gentlewoman. His mysterious past is quickly catching up with him. And he carries a secret that could destroy both their plans.

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A Rose in the Highlands by Heather McCollum

Englishwoman Evelyn Worthington is resolved to build a school for ladies in her brother’s Scottish castle. But when she arrives, she finds the castle scorched by fire, and a brawny Highlander bars her entry. Clan chief Grey Campbell would rather die than see Finlarig Castle fall into English hands. After secrets are revealed, the fates of the Campbell Clan, the school, and a possible future for Grey and Evelyn are in as much jeopardy as their lives.

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Coming Tuesday September 25th:


Meet Me in San Francisco by Shana Gray

In the second warm, funny and romantic novel in the Girls’ Weekend Away series, four best friends embark on the ultimate girls’ getaway filled with hijinks and a sprinkling of romance. For any fan of Bridesmaids and Sex and the City and readers of Jo Watson, Lauren Layne, Joanna Bolouri and Cate Woods.

The single mom…

When Celia Fox’s ex-husband serves her with custody papers during the same weekend he’s getting remarried, she expects things to go downhill from there. So when her best friends show up to whisk her away for a girls’ getaway to San Francisco, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Add in the chance to see Landon Bryant again, and she can’t wait for the weekend to begin.

And the playboy millionaire…

Landon and Celia shared stolen moments of passion in Vegas, and Landon hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since. He knows she’s under pressure to hold her family together, but he’s determined to prove he’s there for her – and that she deserves some fun of her own.

Are about to get wild.

As Celia rediscovers who she used to be and her relationship with Landon deepens, she begins to believe he’s someone she can rely on. But Celia has been keeping a secret from everyone – if the truth comes out, will they play it safe or take a leap of faith?

Look for the other Girls’ Weekend Away novels, including What Happens In Vegas!

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