The Love Potion (Part Three) by Juliette Cross

A Vampire Blood Bonus Fairy Tale.

Part Three.

As night darkened, they followed the crowds gathering in the field for the bonfires and merriment. Josephine noted with surprise the number of Legionnaires in their blue and gray uniforms falling in line toward the feast.

“Matilde, are the Legionnaires coming to keep order at the feast?”

“Oh, no,” responded Matilde. “They come to join in the festivities.”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Where Josephine came from, the vampire soldiers never mingled with humans.

“Is it safe?”

Matilde laughed at her sheltered cousin. “Of course, it is. You’re only in danger of losing your heart.”

“To a vampire?” Josephine laughed. “That will never happen.”

“Oh, dancing!” shouted Matilde. They both rushed toward the round of dancers, the fiddlers playing a lively tune.

A burly farm boy whisked Matilde out into the crowd. Josephine laughed and wandered the sideline, watching.

“Do you not want to dance, fair lady?”

“Me? No, I—” She looked up into the strikingly handsome face of a man with blue-fire eyes and a smoldering smile. Then she realized he wasn’t a man at all. “You’re a, a vampire,” she whispered.

Copyright: Juliette Cross.

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About The Red Lily:

When Red falls for the Big Bad Wolf…

The Black Lily resistance needs a larger army if they are to defeat the vampire monarchy. In order to do so, former lieutenant and traitor to the vampire Crown, Nikolai must seek help from the red-hooded temptress he needs to avoid at all costs. The secret he carries could prove dangerous for her if she gets too close…even though keeping her close—very close—is the only thing on his mind.

Sienna will do anything for the Black Lily, and when Nikolai asks for her assistance to gain the trust of the commonwealth, it’s the last thing she wants to do. The thought of leaving her woods and her wolves behind is terrifying…not to mention the danger being with Nikolai poses.

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About Juliette Cross:

Juliette lives in lush, moss-laden Louisiana where she lives with her husband, four kids, and black lab, Kona.

Multi-published author of paranormal and urban fantasy romance, she loves reading and writing brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, sexy heroes.

From the moment she read JANE EYRE as a teenager, she fell in love with the Gothic romance. Even then, she not only longed to read more novels set in Gothic worlds, she wanted to create her own.

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