6 Heroines We Want As BFFs

Do you ever wish that your book friends could be real friends? We sure do! In honor of National Best Friends Day, we are giving a shout out to a special group of ladies. Continue reading for a list of the six heroines we are dying to befriend in real life.


1. Sherry from Accidentally Married on Purpose by Rachel Harris


We cannot help but gravitate towards Sherry and her sense of adventure. She’s a little bit wild and a little bit sweet, and we can always look to her for a fun time! After all, she’s all about what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Plus, she has a chef for a sister–so, we know we can count on her to bring us the best comfort food after a hard day.


2. Noelle from Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley


If Sherry is the one we would look to for fun, then Noelle is the one we would look to if we need to get real. She is a psychologist who is all about a controlled, focused life, which means she will probably not tell us what we want to hear. Instead, she will tell us what we need to hear, and we all need an honest friend like that!


3. Claire from The Best Man’s Baby by Victoria James


We love Claire! We could trust her with our deepest and darkest secrets because she would always have our back, which makes her a loyal and admirable friend. Also, she makes us laugh because who else would announce a pregnancy by stabbing a used pregnancy test into the soon-to-be-father’s hamburger? If we were friends, you can bet that we would be sharing this story at her wedding!


4. Marianne from Unexpectedly His by Maggie Kelley


You know how people say that every friend group has a mom? That’s who Marianne would be to us (no shame!). She would be the friend we cannot live without because she would be the glue that holds our friend group together. She can resolve conflict and make peace between friends because she’s sweet, smart, and by-the-book.


5. Sabrina from Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge by Roxanne Snopek


Sabrina is tough, fierce, and spunky! She’s the perfect partner-in-crime for when we feel like getting into in bit of trouble–and by trouble we mean showing a man what he’s been missing! We can definitely count on her to abide by the whole “sisters before misters” thing.


6. Gen from Chance of a Lifetime by Marissa Clarke


We all need a friend that inspires us to do better and be better–a friend that inspires us to be brave and live life to the fullest. Gen is definitely that friend for us! She does not let the fact that she is blind hold her back from being spontaneous, and her enthusiasm for the little things (like running through a freezing cold fountain and playing spin the bottle) is contagious.

Now we want to hear from you! Tell us who your book BFF is in the comments!


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