It’s that time again…New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the start of a brand new year and we know many of us like to start off the year with some New Year’s resolutions or goals for the year. Check out some of the resolutions our Bliss authors and team members have set for 2016 and be sure to share your resolutions (or why you stopped making resolutions!) in the comments.

Alycia Tornetta is the editorial director for Bliss

Alycia Tornetta

My resolution this year is to de-stress my life. Last year I slept too little and worked too hard and ended up with major anxiety. So this year I plan to actually get enough sleep every night, use my day planner religiously, and pace myself better so that I’m not so stressed. I may even take a night off. LOL.




Blaire Edens is author of Coach Maddie and the Marine

Blaire EdensIt may sound simple, but in 2016, I’m going to make sure my nails always look nice. As an author and a mom, I’m always on the run and I often don’t take time for myself. This year, I’m going to give myself the luxury of a rocking manicure. Even if I do most of the manicures myself, pretty nail polish makes me feel feminine and put-together and that builds my confidence. I’ve already picked out the first color! It’s Hello Kitty Super Cute in Pink by OPI and it’s going to help my fingers fly across the keyboard!

What do you think?



Crystal Havens is the production editor for Bliss

Crystal Havens I want to find balance with work and home, and at the same time remember to be kinder to myself. My work goals are to always stay one step ahead.




Coleen Kwan is the author of the Real Men series

Coleen KwanMy new year’s resolution is trying not to kill my plants. I wish I had a green thumb, but unfortunately so many plants turn up their toes and wither away as soon as I get hold of them. Hopefully in 2016 some of them will survive!

Good-bye black thumb!



Debbie Suzuki is the publicity director for Bliss

Debbie SuzukiMy new year’s resolution is to try and be more organized with meal planning, my family schedule, work schedule, etc. Tawna Fenske turned me onto the Erin Condren planner and after going through several YouTube videos comparing Happy planners, Plum Planners, Inkwell Press, Erin Condren and what felt like every other planner under the sun I bit the bullet and picked up an Erin Condren planner (on clearance at Staples no less! Score!). So far I’m loving it and it’s definitely doing a better job keeping me on track than my last planner.

Still filling it out but so in love with the inspirational quotes!       


Cindi Madsen is author of the Hope Springs series

Cindi MadsenSneak in a few more for-fun reads. I didn’t get much pleasure reading in this year & I missed it and Burn less food, for the obvious it-tastes-gross reason. 






So there are some of our New Year’s Resolutions. What are some of yours? Or if you have stopped making resolutions let us know why. 🙂

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