Lovestruck Blog Takeover, day one with Katee Robert!

This week, Lovestruck is taking over the blog!  Every day, Katee Robert and Tawna Fenske will be right here dishing about finding love in unexpected places, meet-cutes, and our brand new imprint, Lovestruck!

Katee is kicking it off.  Her Lovestruck, Meeting His Match, releases today, so grab it, discover the possibility of love, and read on…


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MHM_500One of my favorite things about Entangled’s new Lovestruck imprint is that the stories are very much modern romances that find their roots in the romantic movies that I love like a love song. So, because I’m all in love with watching people fall in love, here are my five favorite romantic comedies (in no particular order)…


–       Sweet Home Alabama. This movie has it all. Reunited lovers. A woman who would do damn near anything to leave her past in the past. A hot as hell not-quite-ex-husband. And, seriously, one of the best lines I’ve ever heard. He wants to marry her so he can kiss her any time he wants. SERIOUSLY. Let me just leave my heart right here in your hand, sir.


–       Friends with Benefits. This movie made me laugh so much, I was damn near crying. I love how much of a hard ass Jamie is on the outside, but how she has a soft gooey center. And I absolutely adore how her issues and Dylan’s issues kind of come together and suddenly they don’t matter as much as either of them thought. There’s also some of the most real conversations about sex that I’ve seen recently—the kind of truth that can only come about because they were friends first and aren’t trying to impress each other.


–       The Proposal. Confession: I love the Queen Bitch characters, and Margaret is nothing if not a bish. She’s pushy and downright mean and Andrew just takes it…until suddenly the tables are turned. I love nothing more than a good enemies to lovers story, and this movie has it all. Also, Betty White. Winning!


–       This Means War. Yep, another Reese Witherspoon movie. While I maintain that she actually picked the wrong guy for her, I loved the way both men meeting her was set up and this movie gave some of the best advice around—Don’t be with the better man; be with the man who makes YOU a better woman. Done and done. Also, this movie was used as an example in a conversation that ultimately led to my husband and I getting together, so it’ll always hold a soft spot for me.


–       Think Like a Man. War of the sexes! Now, normally in these types of movies, I’ve found that either the men come off looking like jackasses or the women come across as shrews or there’s some sort of imbalance. Not in this one. This movie perfectly balances several relationships from beginning to when the credits roll and I continue to be impressed with each time I watch it. Love it so much!


Those are my top five, though I can’t be held accountable to them staying the same as time goes on. What about you? What’s one of your favorite romantic comedies?




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