This is Us Wrecked Us


This tweet sums up last night’s episode of This is Us. Taking the trip to Memphis with Randall and William was worth everything. Every tear. Every tissue. And even the migraine that followed was worth it. Last night’s episode wrecked us…


And it was worth everything.


*If you haven’t watched last night’s episode of This is Us, stop reading now. There are some spoilers below*


This fist bump was heard around the world. After a bit of (understandable) hesitation from Beth (Randall did have a breakdown after all), Randall and William were on their way to Memphis.

The journey begins with William throwing caution to the wind and encouraging Randall to take like as it comes to you. Have a little faith. And in one brief moment, all of Randall’s need for control is gone. We have to admit, we got a little excited at this point. We were pumped and ready for this father/son bonding trip. For at least a few seconds, we threw caution to the wind and couldn’t wait to hit the road with these two.

First stop: William meets Jack. And so the tears begin. These two incredible fathers “meeting” for the first time…there are no words.

Randall discovering he has family through William was incredible. He handles it in a way that only Randall would. We were cheering with him. Cousins All Around!

This moment broke us. After sharing their stories, the good, the bad, the completely honest moments…everything came full circle. Randall shared how Jack helped him through all of his anxiety growing up, so seeing him do the same thing for William… Excuse us, we ned to go grab some more tissues. This moment rocked us to our very core.

There’s so much to say about last night’s episode. But we can’t find the words that will truly express how much emotion it brought out. Every week this show manages to make us laugh, cry, and laugh again. But last night was different. It was an emotional journey and we are so glad we got to go on it. While we knew that William’s time with Randall would be limited, last night’s goodbye still hit us incredibly hard. We are all better for knowing William and experiencing his story.

We just wish he could have seen the ducks…

Did you watch last night’s episode of This is Us? Are you as wrecked as we are? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on Twitter. We all need to be there for each other if we are going to make it through this season.

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