Meet the Donovan Brothers of Harmony Hills

These former Marines don’t expect to meet their perfect matches but resisting these women is futile.

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“Filled with witty banter, great small town characters, and two people you won’t be able to resist as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, Head Over Heels for the Boss is a great read you won’t want to miss!”

~Sharon Saracino, Goodreads review

“Such a charming adorable book! I read this in one sitting. I loved all the characters in the book. I absolutely love the Donovan family!!!”

~Melissa Joseph, Goodreads review

“Susan Meier offers readers complex, multi faceted characters and a quirky small town that is almost a character in itself.”

~Janet, Amazon review

Donovan Brothers by Susan Meier

Find them all here:

Her Summer with the Marine

Chasing the Runaway Bride

Head Over Heels for the Boss

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