Worst Pick~Up Lines with Tricia Skinner

Worst Pick Up Lines

Where do I start? How about with the obvious? I’m an African American woman who enjoys computer games. Before I became a wife and mother, I’d play games on my PC until the wee hours of the morning. If there was gold to be had or epic gear to pillage, I was raiding it, killing for it (in Player-Versus-Player matches), or crafting it. Yep, gamer. That’s me.

The pick up lines I often heard came from male gamers, those delightfully deluded fellas who had interpersonal issues, especially when face-to-face with a female. Make that female a woman of color and you can imagine the interesting scenarios I found myself in.

Male gamer: “I didn’t know black girls played games.”

Yeah, that really happened.

Male gamer: “If you give me your phone number, I’ll let you craft off my dwarf for free.”

I had my own crafting dwarf, so no thanks, buddy.

Male gamer: “I made you a set of (holy crap amazing game armor).”

He was in an enemy gaming clan. I killed his character outside their clan hall.

Male gamer: “So, you wanna go in a private channel with me?”

We used TeamSpeak, an online server that allowed groups to gather and talk over the Internet. It made planning raids easier. And no, Mr. Chatty went to that private channel alone.


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