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A lovers’ reunion, an island paradise, and a tempestuous storm – Hayson Manning’s debut Indulgence romance isn’t short of hot moments! But Zoe Hughes, successful honeymoon resort owner and estranged wife of cutthroat LA businessman Rory Hughes, is a big fan of a band from a much colder climate…ABBA!

Zoe has a huge collection of ABBA tunes that she loves to sing along to, and now Hayson Manning is offering you the chance to expand your music collection too with a $50 gift card to iTunes! Not an ABBA fan? Shh, we won’t tell…

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From the desk of Hayson Manning:

“What’s shuffling on your iPod?

In Wife in Name Only, Zoe loves ABBA – it’s her happy music. She plays it loudly and sings along like a wounded soldier. Who can stay in a bad mood rocking along to ‘Dancing Queen?’ So to celebrate the debut release of Wife in Name Only I’m giving away a $50 iTunes gift card! Enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win some tunes.

Will you be loading up some ABBA if you win?”



Wife In Name Only

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Zoe Hughes escaped to make a new life for herself on the tiny island of Tonga. Now she runs a successful boutique honeymoon resort. Selling true love is easy. No one needs to know she’s married in name only. At least until America’s premier honeymoon magazine wants to publish a feature on her perfect marriage. Now she must convince her estranged husband to rip himself away from plotting corporate takeovers in LA to save her island paradise.

Rory agrees to come for forty-eight hours, but only because he needs the positive PR. To his surprise, the wife he finds in Tonga isn’t the same woman he married. Now she’s so much more…

When a storm strands Rory in Tonga, will he win back his wife or leave paradise empty-handed?

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  • “Wife in Name Only,” is a realistic glimpse into what really happens in a marriage, and how it impacts both partners. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Manning’s work.

  • You would be a new read for me,I am an avid reader and always looking for new authors & new reads — Thank you for the contest and the giveaway ! (sorry I don’t tweet)

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