What’s On Your Brazen Bucket List? By Sara Jane Stone

Fantasy means different things for everyone. For Lucia Lewis, the heroine in To Tempt a SEAL, fantasy involves a wicked to-do list on a pink post-it, and a super sexy SEAL who will play by her rules. And when U.S. Navy SEAL turns the tables, handing Lucia his list—complete with naughty stick-figure drawings—well, let’s just say sometimes all it takes is a post-it note to deliver one very wild fantasy.

I had so much fun writing Lucia’s journey as she pursues her fantasies. I loved watching her transform from a woman who believed her physical and emotional scars held her back from the life she dreamed about, to a woman who goes after what she wants. And while Lucia wrote a sinfully sexy bucket list, at its heart her fantasies were about pushing out of her comfort zone.

With that in mind, I wrote my own list, the four craziest things I would do if I could do anything. And I dare you to tell me what’s on yours!

Sara Jane’s Brazen & Bold Bucket List


  • I’d love to ride a horse across the Gobi desert in Mongolia. My husband and I have talked about doing this, but are still a long way from transforming the dream into a reality. We took an unguided horseback ride through southern France years ago. But Mongolia sounds like a bigger adventure.


  • Sail around the world. I’m horrible on boats. I can handle a canoe in still water. But a sailboat? I turn green from motion sickness. Still, there are so many places in the world I’d love to see. And this sounds very romantic.


  • Jump out of an airplane alongside a team of Navy SEALs. I’m terrified of heights, but maybe with the SEALs at my side I’d manage? I think I’d love the feeling of falling through the sky—and knowing a SEAL would save the day if I panicJ


  • Spend a long weekend in a luxury resort with my real-life hero. No kids. No reason to leave our room. And the best part? I think I could make this dream come true!

To Tempt a Seal by Sara Jane Stone

About the book:

He can resist everything…except her.

For the first time in her life, art therapist Lucia Lewis is ready to live. And the masquerade ball in Las Vegas is just the place to find a ridiculously hot guy to complete her wicked to-do list. The only rule? Her elegant Venetian mask—which conceals the scars that have always held her back from the life she deserves—stays on.

Navy SEAL Cade Daniels heads to Vegas on a mission to keep his best friend’s little sister out of trouble. Except the woman he’s sent to find is all heat and flame…and perfectly capable of handling herself. And him. But the moment Lucia’s mask slips, the need to heal her, body and soul, is complete and absolute temptation.

But revealing himself could cost him the one thing he isn’t willing to risk…his heart.

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