Throwback Thursday with Joya Ryan

Throwback Thursday

Throw back Thursday…I’ve never actually done this. But the idea of sharing something from the past sounds like a good–bad–idea. Now I just have to pick between my first kiss (I was 14 and the incredibly awkward moment took place behind the dumpster at the high school and his Big Red gum got stuck to my braces) or my first dance (8th grade, I showed up with boobs and shoes I couldn’t walk in and found out that gravity was not my friend especially when my dance partner watched Dirty Dancing one too many times and decided he was Patrick Swayze).joyaTBT


I’m going to go with the first kiss!

He was a foot taller than me, smelled like Aqua Velva, and after jamming his tongue into my tonsils,I walked away thinking, “I’m still a virgin right? I mean…my mouth isn’t because pretty sure that was just violated, but I’m good. Yeah?”


Not the butterflies I was expecting. And the added bonus of finding out the hard way I have a mild allergy to cinnamon wasn’t sexy either. But! For a first kiss, I’d give it a solid 5 out of 10. The effort was there. That counts for something right?

So, not overly exciting, but that’s how the wondrous moment of my adolescent kiss took place. Woo-hoo throw back Thursday!


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