Top 5 Office Romances by Addison Fox

Top 5 Office Romances

Ok – I admit it. I’m a sucker for an office romance. Whether it’s a fantasy reaction to the reality of the workplace (my day job experience has NOT involved any sexy-times – sadly, ever!) or just the idea of something forbidden, I’m truly a sucker for the workplace romance. The longing stares across a conference room. The inherent tension between two people who can’t let anyone know what’s simmering between them. And the absolute risk of both one’s heart and career by pursuing the relationship.

I absolutely loved channeling this dynamic in my Boardrooms and Billionaires series. In creating three sisters who have worked incredibly hard to rebuild their family media empire, I had to find three men who were not only suitable matches, but who were formidable in their own right. Men who would see these women of accomplishment and love that aspect of their personalities along with everything else that made them special.

So…in honor of the office romance, I thought I’d outline my Top 5 favorites (film, TV or books, I love them all!)
1. – Castle and Beckett from Castle

I’ve loved Castle since the very first episode and the dynamic between Castle and Beckett is the biggest reason I keep coming back for more. They are clearly attracted to each other, but it’s something more. Way down deep, beneath the sarcasm and endless ribbing, there’s genuine respect there. These two have each other’s backs and they are a joy to watch on screen.

2. – Matt and Meredith from Judith McNaught’s Paradise

Oh my (fans self), do I love Paradise, by Judith McNaught. In fact, it’s quite possible this book created my lifelong love of the office romance trope. Matt’s attempting to take over Meredith’s company, re-entering her life after 11 long years. The two have a rich, soap-worthy history and the sparks that flew over a decade ago are only hotter and sexier in the present. Wrap all those sparks up in a love for the ages and reading romance really doesn’t get any better than this book.

3. – Jack and Tess from Working Girl

Again, an office romance for the ages. I saw Working Girl in the theater (I think I was about 14) and it only reinforced my lifelong passion for the city of New York and the opportunity to be had in all those gleaming office towers that speared toward the sky. (It’s probably also responsible for my erroneous thinking that sexy times were in my real-life office future, which, as already described, have not materialized!!)

The story of a woman who is determined to make something of herself through sheer grit, determination and moxy, coupled with a man who sees her as she wishes to be seen and you have the makings for an incredibly powerful love story.

4. – Crash and Annie from Bull Durham

While I realize this one stretches the imagination a bit, the baseball diamond stands in here for an office and does quite a job of it. Crash, Annie and the clueless “Nuke” all have a roll to play in this one and it’s the clashing leadership of Crash and Annie that provides the film’s sparks. (Think two competing bosses who are crazy about each other and you have the fundamental office theme playing out in each and every scene of this film.)

The two are crazy about each other, but both have a job to do, preparing Nuke for the major leagues. When they finally get out of their own heads and give in to their hearts, what they find is well worth the risk. (And it doesn’t hurt that Kevin Costner is at his absolute prime in this one!)

5.  – David and Maddie from Moonlighting

The office might have been a poorly-performing detective agency, but Maddie Hayes and David Addison had office chemistry in spades in the TV show Moonlighting. It’s endlessly fascinating how this show still has a grip on viewers 30 years after its debut and it nearly always comes up in a discussion of classic TV couples.

While the “will they/won’t they?” component is also often mentioned as a key element, but I’ve always thought it was something more. The romantic chemistry between the two of them works so well because each and every episode gave you two people who – beneath their frustration with each other – had mutual respect for one another. Add on exceptional writing and Moonlighting gave a generation of romance writers a very high set of standards when it came to creating outstanding, banter that was both sexy and witty.

So there you have it. I’ve no doubt missed about a hundred worthy couples, all who deserved to be on this list, but these are some of my personal favorites.



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