Pets of Entangled Author Edition

National Pet Day

April 11th is National Pet Day and come on, whether furry or feathery, big or small, who can resist pets that never fail to bring a smile to your face? Meet some of the pets of Entangled authors and we would love if you shared stories or photos of your pets with us in the comments.

Why are pets so great?

Pets can help you make sure you remembered to pack everything…This is our rescue cat, Otachi (which, for the record is what happens when you give your Pacific Rim obsessed daughter naming rights). Otachi would like you to know that she’s a fearless hunter who cannot be contained. Her spirit is wild and free and she likes to roam wherever the wind takes her. Unfortunately, her ridiculous owners insist that she sleep inside the house at night and even during the day they do stupid things like put blankets into a suitcase incase she wants to snuggle. Please, as if she’s going to fall for that one… ~Amanda Ashby

They can help us manage our time…This is Win(ston) and Pen(elope). We didn’t name them, but adopted into our family and love their cute and zany ways. #adoptedforthewin

And writing buddy or not, Win isn’t shy to let me know when he thinks I’ve been at it too long. #adoptedtimemanager ~Kyra Jacobs

They can help keep your ankles warm…Here’s my silly puppy who sits on my foot whenever I write. Her name is Lola…she’s not a show girl 😉 ~Jody Holford

Lose a stick in the water? He’s got you covered…Here’s my boy Myshkin, illustrating the water-retriever heritage of poodles. In fact, fetching something out of the water is the *only* reason he’ll go into the water. And he won’t go past past his depth, the weenie. He was 13 in this picture. Doesn’t look it, does he? ~Roxanne Snopek

Need someone to make sure no one sneaks into your tent while camping? Peanut’s there…Hi! I’m Peanut (#FearfulPeanut). I’m a leggy Italian greyhound with a splash of Chihuahua sass. My humans rescued me from a shelter three months ago. At first I was so shy that I wouldn’t let them pet me, but now I love nothing more than to spoon on the couch with my lady human, and for my man human to jump around corners and scare me, and then chase me around the house. Over and over. Seriously, I never tire of it. Ever. I excel at burying bones in the corners of my bed, and sleeping all day. ~Ophelia London

They keep a sharp eye on that elf when he leaves his shelf…This is our tomcat, who I refer to as Drama Kitty. His hobbies include acting like he’s starving when anyone comes near so he can get fed 3 times a day, sitting on the table even though he knows he’s not supposed to, & sticking his tail in my face while I try to do yoga. But our family wouldn’t be the same without him. ~Cindi Madsen

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