Top 5 Reason I’m Obsessed with Country Boys


There has been a long running debate in my family that I may or may not be prone to a split personality. Personally, I think it’s just the fact that I love spending time inside my own daydreams…often. Not that the real world isn’t fun, but let’s face it, the imagination is a fun place to hang out. I grew up in a very, very, very small town where the men had callused hands from a hard days work at the lumber mill. I then moved to San Francisco which is…not exactly a small town. But the difference between the dominant sexy men in suits and the dominant sexy men in jeans isn’t that broad. Thinking of books, or the characters, is my favorite part of the writing process. Especially thinking of the heroes. While the sexy CEO is always high up there on the Yummy-O-Meter, I have to admit, I have a soft spot for cowboys. Which is why Sebastian Strafford was so much fun to write. He’s the best of both worlds! He’s a tough, intense, good ol’ boy with a city man’s disposition. He may wear suits, but deep down, he’s a small-town country boy like the rest of them.

1. Fun: Country boys know how to have some serious fun. And they can do it with little effort. Whether it’s hanging out around a bon fire, or going skinny dipping in the lake, a country boy utilizes his surroundings to ensure a maximum good time.

2. Language: Very few things make me swoon. Having a sexy country boy lay on the charm while tossing in a “darlin'” or “sugar,” is a guaranteed way to me my knees all wobbly. While manners are always present, his language can make the wickedest thoughts skate through your brain. Think of a common pick up line: “That’s a nice dress. It’d look better on my floor.” *sigh* Been there, heard that. But a country boy has his own spin: “Hey, darlin.’ That is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen, and I must admit, I’m mighty jealous that it gets to touch your skin.”

3. Jeans: Somehow, a country boy knows how to fill out a pair of worn out blue jeans like nothing I’ve ever seen.

4. Alpha Swagger: There’s a humor and laid back attitude a country boy has that is tough to beat. They can have a good time, but they still have an edge of dominance that gives me the happy shivers.

5. How they fall in love: There is nothing like being the center of a country boy’s attention. They may have a wild streak and know how to tear it up. But when they fall, they fall hard. And while they may be all big and strong, it takes just one woman to knock them on their ass and they’re hooked for life.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I love country boys. (Not sure if I made that clear). But the next time you see a man in mighty fine denim, tossing out a wink and issuing a, “Hey, sugar,” you’ll be prepared because you just may be the victim of the country boy charm!


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