It’s March Madness Time!


It’s March Madness Time!!

Here’s the full schedule:
(Each match starts at Midnight Eastern and runs for 24 hours. Match links below go live at the same time.)

A BIG thank you to our championing bloggers!

Round 1

3/2 MATCH 1Reid (The Hopeless Reader)   vs   Cole (Pretty Little Pages)
3/3 MATCH 2Gareth (I Smell Sheep)   vs   Jackson (RhiReading)
3/4 MATCH 3Charlie (Kayl’s Krazy Obsession)   vs   Lorenzo (In Between the Pages)
3/5 MATCH 4Mack (The Ever Romantic Arts)   vs   Josh (What I’m Reading)
3/9 MATCH 5Jaxon (Happy Tails and Tales)   vs   Jackson (Consuming Worlds)
3/10 MATCH 6Noah (Literary Misfit)   vs   Bowen (The Literary Gossip)
3/11 MATCH 7Daemon (These Flying Pages)   vs   Bishop (Open Letter 2 NYC)
3/12 MATCH 8Drake (Talking Books)   vs   Lord Hugh (Meradeth Houston)

Round 2

3/16 MATCH 1 – Reid (The Hopeless Reader)   vs   Jackson (RhiReading)
3/17 MATCH 2 – Lorenzo (In Between the Pages)   vs   Josh (What I’m Reading)
3/18 MATCH 3 – Jaxon (Happy Tails and Tales)   vs   Bowen (The Literary Gossip)
3/19 MATCH 4 – Daemon (These Flying Pages)   vs   Drake (Talking Books)

Round 3 (open 48 hours each)

3/23 MATCH 1 – Jackson (RhiReading)   vs   Lorenzo (In Between the Pages)
3/25 MATCH 2 – Bowen (The Literary Gossip)   vs   Drake (Talking Books)

Final Round (open 48 hours)

3/30 FINAL – Jackson (RhiReading)   vs   Drake (Talking Books)

WINNER – Jackson (RhiReading)

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