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SOME-LIKE-IT-SIZZLINGSome Like It Sizzling is one of the harder books I’ve written. Mainly, because the heroine, Jenna Rawley, is well…kind of a bitch. If you’ve read the first two books in the Perfect Recipe series, you know that Jenna is feisty, opinionated, and designer-label obsessed.

But you don’t know why.

In Some Like It Sizzling, Jenna’s past is revealed. And with it comes sympathy and understanding of a flawed character. While I loved peeling back the layers of Jenna’s personality to reach her true self, it was difficult not to tell her whole story in the first chapter. I’ve known the reason behind Jenna’s defense mechanisms since the first book in the series. But to tell it too early would be to cheat you out of Jenna’s journey. She hits rock bottom in Some Like It Sizzling, and the only way up is by confronting her past.

And standing directly in her path is her high-school sweetheart, and the man whose heart she smashed into smithereens, Luke Kearney. While Jenna was difficult to write, Luke is one of my all-time favorite heroes. And only part of the reason is because he’s a hunky firefighter!

Luke and Jenna are thrown together to plan their high-school reunion, but their past keeps coming between them. Luke doesn’t know if he’s ready to forgive or forget, let alone trust Jenna. But a second chance may be the only way to happily ever after.


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