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Romance Awareness Month


To read or not to read… Like you’d need to ask that question. I read to feed my imagination, and what better nourishment known to (wo)man than romance. I can always find something to suit my mood, whether I need a pick-me-up, a shoulder to cry on, or action and adventure.

Growing up, I read books with romantic elements, but that changed when I bought Night Moves by Heather Graham. You could say I fell in love with love and relationships. The book is still in my top ten, and currently sits in the nook on our bed’s headboard.



Bryn Keller is scrambling to get her life on track. Newly guardian to her three young nephews, she’s finding it even harder to make ends meet. A double gig for rock star Lee Condor—as a dancer and photographer—is just the opportunity she needs. But Lee is intense, and working for him isn’t easy. Bryn also can’t deny that they have a highly combustible connection. Just getting through each workday is a challenge.

When Bryn gets whispered demands over the phone, and Lee suffers a series of break-ins, they realize that someone is playing a dangerous game: there must be something in the photos Bryn took. As the threats escalate and with one of her boys’ lives in danger, Lee becomes the only person Bryn can turn to. Even though she doesn’t think she can ever trust him with her heart.


I was hooked on Jude Deveraux, following the Montgomery/Taggert Family throughout the years. My darling husband was sweet enough to bring home her newest books, in hardcover. There are far too many books to include in this list.

Room Service by Jill Shalvis got me through a tough time in my life. When everything seemed to be at the worst possible moment, chef Jacob Hill made me believe things could get better.


Farm-girl-turned-TV-producer Em Harris is in way over her head. Trying to bag chef Jacob Hill for her new culinary show is one thing. Staying at the sex-themed hotel Hush, where his restaurant is located, is quite another. Her goal there is to convince Jacob, known for looking and cooking like a dream, to sign a contract. But after a few days of being enveloped in Hush’s sensual atmosphere, the only thing on Em’s mind is discovering if Jacob tastes as delicious as he appears….


Love is in history, love is in space, love is in the depths of the ocean. Romance gives richness and heart, hope and sacrifice, joy and laughter. You don’t have to go far to find your fix.

I guess you could say I read romance because it’s a reflection of life.



Sahara Roberts caught the writing bug early in life. She enjoys writing Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. Her days are filled with international trade issues (the legal kind) and her evenings writing steamy romance. When she’s not at her usual hangout, Savvy Authors, she enjoys socializing on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, Google+, Pinterest and her website, or watching Castle, NCIS, Supernatural, and The Walking Dead (Following Daryl). Sahara lives in South Texas with her husband and two very spoiled cats. She enjoys cooking, baking, and cake decorating, but she would certainly prefer to have someone else do the dishes.


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