January 12th New Releases



The Baron’s Betrayal

by Callie Hutton

After losing her husband at sea two years ago, Lady Marion Tunstall has finally re-entered society. It isn’t until she attends a country dance that Lady Marion sees her dead husband—alive and well. Lord Tristan Tunstall has no choice but to confess—he is alive, yes, but he is blind, and no manner of husband or father. Still, he cannot stop himself from wanting her. But Marion has a secret of her own…and the Baron will discover that betrayal works both ways.





Tempting the Pirate

by Tamara Hughes

Charity Goswick thinks she is escaping an arranged marriage to a brute when she slips onto a ship unnoticed. Little does she realize that it’s a pirate ship. Now she has been locked in the cabin of a handsome rake of a pirate who sparks the most unladylike feelings within her. But as violence and danger mount on the high seas, Charity will have to put all of her trust in the most untrustworthy of men…a pirate.





Pretty Shameless

by Jodi Linton

Deputy Laney Briggs is on the hunt for her not-so-bright cousin, who is wanted for gun-smuggling. But there’s a sexy, hot-assed Texas Ranger on the same case, and Laney would bet her britches (and everything else she’s wearing) that Gunner Wilson knows something she doesn’t. But even as she gives into every carnal craving for Gunner, Laney is determined to get her answers, one mind-meltingly hot night at a time. The only question is whether she’ll be ready for the truth…   





Some Like it Sizzling

by Robbie Terman

Jenna Rawley’s wedding day was supposed to be the day all of her dreams came true. Instead, the groom disappears and Jenna runs from the church…and right into the arms of firefighter Luke Kearney, her high school sweetheart. In that single, dramatic moment, their chemistry comes roaring back to life, hotter and more fierce than ever. Only now there are complications—including secrets from the past that have been buried, but not forgotten. But a man who plays with fire is bound to get burned.




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