Hometown Cooking with Heather McCollum

Hometown Cooking
I’m Heather McCollum, author of Scottish Historical Paranormal Romance. My Highland Hearts series is full of adventure and love, interwoven within the drama of British history and wrapped in white magic.
Speaking of magic, these little bites of heaven are just that! My award-winning Oreo balls (3 years and counting, 1st place in my community cookie exchange for best cookie) are AMAZING. They are incredibly simple to make with only 4 ingredients and no baking required, yet they’ve been known to make moans ensue and toes curl (much like my Highlanders!). Dress them up with melted white chocolate drizzled on top and serve them on a platter interspersed with bright red cherry candies for an eye-popping centerpiece on the dessert table.

Chocolate Balls of Magic
1 package of Oreos (regular unless you want to try the mint ones for a different treat)
8 oz brick of cream cheese (I end up putting in a bit more than 8 oz so you might want two bricks)
Chocolate to melt (chips, bars, leftover kisses – go with what you have or your preference)
White chocolate to melt
Parchment/wax paper
Bright red cherry candies for garnish (optional)
1. Crush Oreos (food processor, chopper or hammer/rolling pin).
2. Soften cream cheese.
3. Mix the crushed cookies and cream cheese, working them into little (less than 1 inch across) “meatballs” in your hands (I wear disposable gloves so I don’t get mashed cookies up my fingernails).
4. Refrigerate cookie “meatballs” (in the same bowl if you’d like).
5. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper (probably two pans needed).
6. Melt chocolate until smooth (I use a heavy pot but some melt chocolate in the microwave or over simmering water).
7. Dip cold cookie balls in melted chocolate and place on lined cookie sheet. Be sure to completely cover balls in chocolate (giggle – sorry : ). Stick chocolate balls back in the refrigerator to harden.
8. Melt white chocolate and place in decorator bag with tip. You can use a plastic bag with the tip cut off too, but make sure the bag is made of thicker plastic or it might melt with the hot chocolate.
9. Bring balls back out of frig and decorate with white chocolate. I use a quick swinging motion over the balls while applying constant pressure (giggle, giggle, snort – really sorry) on the bag.
10. Refrigerate until cool. Peel balls off parchment paper and put on pretty platter. Intersperse cherry candy between the chocolate balls for a nice contrast in color. Prepare to hear moans of ecstasy!




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