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Under Mistletoe
I’m an author of sensual, sizzling, emotional contemporary romances where two lost souls find each other and discover home. Born in the Netherlands, I moved to Canada where I spent my formative years. Then I married my Texan Alpha Physicist, moved to the United States and I have lived both south and north of the Mason Dixon line. Now I reside in Alabama with my husband, two insane cats and my wonderful daughter. I enjoy finding the silly in the serious, making wine out of sour grapes, and giving people giggle fits along with heartfelt hugs. When I’m not writing, you can find me traveling the world, cooking gourmet food, and desperately seeking a corkscrew.

Favorite Holiday Song: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Favorite Holiday Food: Chocolate Sambuca Cookies & Oreo Truffles

What’s your favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

I love the traditions we’ve established for our holiday season. Though we are a small family and far from home, these traditions have kept us grounded and help us keep our spirits light. So every year we do the following things:

*make lots of goodies, including our favorites which are no bake Oreo Truffles and Chocolate Sambuca Cookies.
*tour the city and look at all the Christmas decorations and lights.
*give each other an ornament every year.
*plan at least one new dinner item for Christmas dinner.
*go to a movie on Christmas Day and have it selected far in advance.
*work at least 2 puzzles.
*make homemade chili and corn muffins with the trimmings on New Year’s Day.
*sprinkle reindeer food outside for Christmas Eve.
*give a secret Santa gift to a person in need
*Christmas pajamas unwrapped on Christmas Eve.

I think it’s these small, homey traditions that make the holidays special for me and my family.

What’s your least favorite thing about the winter holiday season?

The cold weather and having to pack up all our decorations. That always makes the house feel so empty.

About The Movie Star’s Red Hot Holiday Fling

Hero’s Name: Blake Robert Johnston aka Action Hero Quinn Sawyer

Heroine’s Name: Jessie Renee Sullivan

What would the perfect gift your hero would give your heroine and why?

Jessie isn’t turned on by glitz and glamor. She’s a down to earth girl who likes practical gifts. So Blake knows that a brand new, top of the line workout equipment is perfect for Jessie because she’s very physically active and likes to stay in shape. She’s always pushing herself to be in top form, especially for Blake. And he’s all too willing to help her achieve her goal as long as he’s part of the package. Plus, the sexy side benefits after a grueling workout include a sauna and a personal one on one massage of the naked kind.

What would the perfect gift your heroine would give your hero and why?

Jessie knows exactly how to make Blake happy, inside and outside the bedroom. And that’s why she’ll give the man who has everything the one thing he doesn’t have every day: a gift to treat his sweet tooth. Blake loves hot chocolate and marshmallows, the tiny kind. And he loves whipped cream, especially when it’s part of a special evening that includes licking every last inch of his favorite treat from her delectable body.

Where would your hero or heroine secretly hang some mistletoe to catch an extra special holiday kiss and why?

Oh, Blake would hang mistletoe in every room just to catch extra special holiday kisses from Jessie. She’s tough as nails, but if she’s caught off guard, she can’t say no. And besides, who could say no to the man every red-blooded woman drools over when he’s on screen playing Quinn Sawyer? One way or another, he’ll convince Jessie that she’s the only red-blooded woman he wants and if it takes kissing her senseless in every room at the Sweetbriar Springs’ resort, he’ll make it happen. With or without mistletoe.

Share an excerpt of your favorite kissing scene between these two characters.

Blake caressed her nape, angling his head to brush a light kiss on her lips. “I’ve been waiting all night to do this,” he said.

Their breath mingled, time accelerated. She heard his heartbeat thumping in time with hers. “Then let’s not wait anymore.” She locked her mouth on his with wild thoughts coursing through her fevered brain.



Be taken.

The commanding slide of him inside her mouth made her knees go weak. Jessie coiled her hands around his neck, her tongue tangling with his in an age-old, intimate dance.

Kissing Blake was deliciously decadent. Sinfully seductive. Dangerously addictive.



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