A peak at Robin Covington’s Office

Today we get a sneak peak at Robin Covington’s office.  It is located at the end of my 22 feet by 8 feet closet. Two years ago, my husband redid the whole space as my Christmas present. He took down all the closet stuff and reconfigured it so that the first 11 feet is my closet and the last 11 feet is my office.

I have a desk, bookshelves, a huge chalkboard that I use to plot, a comfy, scrunchy chair and my own life-size cutout of Dean Winchester.  It is quiet and secluded and if I close the door it gets terrible wifi reception.



So, what do you think?  Do you want a life size cut out of Dean Winchester?  All of us at Entangled do!

Learn more about Robin Covington’s books.

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