How The Spinster’s Secret came to be…

978-1-62266-881-6_500When I first received The Spinster’s Secret it sounded almost too good to be true because it had gotten fabulous reviews from the publisher’s interns and I didn’t want my expectations to be dashed once I read it. But I was enthralled from the first page. I love the characters of Mattie and Edward and the unique plot.

At eighteen, Mattie was an orphan taken in by her miserly Uncle Arthur. Now twenty-eight and a tall buxom woman, Mattie is considered “on the shelf” and because she knows she’ll never escape her uncle’s cold dreary manor via marriage, she decides to write erotic “confessions” with the nom de plume of Cherie to gain her independence.

Edward is a battle-scarred veteran of the Battle of Waterloo. He comes to Creed Hall to return Mattie’s cousin Toby’s belongings. Best friends since Oxford, Edward and Toby served together but Toby was killed at Waterloo, while Edward was merely maimed. A giant of a man, he doesn’t believe a woman could look beyond the severed ear, missing fingers and scarred face to fall in love with him and become his wife.

What’s not to love about a Goliath of a man and an Amazonian woman who belong together but are kept apart because she secretly writes erotic confessions and he made a rash promise to Sir Arthur that he would find the author—so that Sir Arthur can run her out of town.

It’s a mix of naiveté, independence, fabulous writing, and a soldier with a big heart. The Spinster’s Secret is a February release from Scandalous that is sure to thrill fans of Historical Romance.

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