Luggage in Space, by Aubrie Dionne

9781937044022_coverLuggage in Space

If you had to leave Earth to start a new colony on a planet millions of light years away, what would you take with you?

In Paradise 21, The New Dawn isa colony ship carrying the most important thing known to man: DNA. The cargo is people and animals, and they must man the ship and produce the next generation for a centuries long voyage. In a way, the ship is like Noah’s Ark, carrying the last survivors of a doomed planet.
But there’s a secret room on board that has a few superfluous memorabilia from Earth, pieces that will link them to their history in the generations to come. Without spoiling the plot too much, someone comes across this room and finds paintings such Johannes Vermmer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring,” the Declaration of Independence, and one single preserved rose.
To find out who stumbles across this room and why, you’ll have to read Paradise 21.
My question to you is: What items would you stash on board to keep the history of Earth alive?

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