Let the Shoe Fetish Begin, by Christine Bell

Hi. My name is Christine, and I’m addicted to shoes. Okay, not *addicted* maybe. But when I see them, my heart starts to race, and my palms sweat and I get very. very. happy. So maybe “in lust” is more the correct term?

ShoesIn any case, I have a lot of shoes. Enough that I was embarassed to take a picture of all of them (although, to be fair, I NEVER throw them away, so there are, in fact, some from like the late nineties in my closet so it looks a little more full than it should!).

My biggest weaknesses are boots (high, low, mid, you name it, typically in black or brown) and platform heels, usually peep-toe. *dreamy sigh*. Lucky for me, the hubs is surprisingly encouraging of my shoe-buying habit, but because he’s so sweet about it, I try to limit myself to one new pair a month. Except when the season changes. Then all bets are off because SALES. The way I look at it, I’m SAVING money. So, for your viewing enjoyment, here are my current favorites (Nine West peep-toes and my favorite fall boots!) What type of shoe can you just not resist, readers?


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3 Replies on Let the Shoe Fetish Begin, by Christine Bell

  • I love shoes, too! Unfortunately, I can rarely find ones that fit me right, since I have tiny feet (size 5.5). Living in the Great White North really limits my selection, so I try to indulge in some shoe shopping whenever I head down to the States.

    I love heels in bright colours even though I rarely wear them. Or fun flats that fit just right, since they’re much more practical and foot-friendly. 🙂

    (Those shoes look AWESOME, by the way!)

    • Thanks, Jen! I love them too! And wow, YES, 5.5 IS small. I bet the shoes you DO have look great on those lil feet, lol!

      Dawn, I wish I could say I don’t have a thing for purses too. But…

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