Reader Gift Guide: Survive the Holidays with Covet

On day one of the Survive the Holidays event, the Covet authors teased and tormented us with their oh so yummy holiday recipes. And then, on day two of the event, the authors shared tips on how to deal with holiday stress.  Finally yesterday, on the last day of our event, the authors put together a gift guide for readers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the event and these tips and we wish you and yours Happy Holidays and New Year!



Know what makes a great stocking stuffer? Ebooks. Yep that’s right you can gift ebooks! And since the entire Covet line is only $2.99 each, you can give out several of them to family and friends without breaking the bank. We’ve got everything your favorite paranormal lover would enjoy, from witches to shifters, even exorcists. Check out our entire line up here.

Reader Gift #1 from Nina Croft, author of Operation Saving Daniel.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves reading – how about a “Books Make me Happy”  coffee mug. Because if they’re anything like me, they are going to be so engrossed they’ll forget to drink and this mug will keep your coffee warm longer. It’s also spill-proof so you don’t have to take your eyes off your book while you fumble for it.


Reader Gift #2 from Abby Niles, author of The Awakening Series.


For those of you who have single parent book lovers as friends, the perfect gift you can give them is TIME. Take those kids for them for the night, buy them a gift card, maybe some bath salts for the ladies and a bottle of wine. Best. Gift. Ever.


Reader Gift #3 from Susannah Scott, author of Luck of the Dragon:


Oh boy, I hate giving recommendations! All the Covet imprints have been awesome for some paranormal, sexy fun. On the straight Contempory side, I loved ‘Wallbanger’. One the erotic side, I really enjoyed ‘Night Owl’.


Reader Gift #4 from Christy Gissendaner, author of One Hot Knight:


Looking for the perfect gift for the book lover in your life? Check out

Starting at $42, you can purchase a single page book poster of your favorite classic from literature. Yes, that’s right. The entire book you choose from their catalogue is printed on a single poster.


Reader Gift #5 from Candace Havens, author of Take it Like a Vamp & Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My!:

I love to give books, but two of my favorite places to find gifts for my family and friends are and Between those two, I can find almost any unusual gift I need. On I bought wine sigils from Game of Thrones, and an electronic toy that plugs into your iPhone and you can drive a toy tank. And I can’t tell you what on but it was a lot this year. Weird stuff that I pray my friends love.

Happy Holidays Y’all


Reader Gift #6 from Kristin Miller, author of the Seattle Wolf Pack series:


Looking for the perfect gift for the reader in your life?

Try a pair of fingerless gloves! These are on my wish list this year and I’m hoping Dear Husband comes through! While keeping my hands warm, I’m still able to press the buttons on my kindle or peruse through my book without fumbling with the pages. The perfect gift for a reader, in my opinion.


Reader Gift #7 from Mark Henry, author of Parts & Wreck:


The readers in your life love to receive books in their stockings, under the tree, wherever, that’s a known fact, but they also dig unique and thoughtful book-related gifts. Like T-shirts that say things like “Reading is Sexy” or promote reading in a topical way, like a shirt that says; “READ A MOTHA FXXXIN BOOK”

Now, I’m not saying this is appropriate for an elementary school kid, but the sentiment is timeless, you’ll agree. Plus, it’s a response to just about every stupid question you can think of!


Reader Gift #8 from Tiffany Allee, author of Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid:


Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, particularly with adults. My favorite gift to receive from loved ones is often the most difficult to give: time. None of us get enough, and spending time with the people you love, is, in my opinion, one of the best gifts you can give.


Reader Gift #9 from Lisa Kessler, author of Beg Me to Slay:


Here’s my tip for a great gift for the reader in your family… A Reading pillow! I love these things!  You can sit at a comfy angle in bed with a headrest and read…  Perfect for the winter weather so you can snuggle under all the covers with your favorite book! 🙂


Reader Gift #10 from Boone Brux, author of Suddenly Beautiful:


Gift for reader – The Lightwedge. For those readers who still like paper, the Wedge is awesome. The diffused light spreads across the page without glare, making the page easy to read in the dark.


Reader Gift #11 from Sarah Gilman, author of Ashes:


What should you get the book lovers on your holiday list? There are so many good options, and while gift cards to book stores (consider your local, independent bookstore) are an excellent no-fuss option, they can feel impersonal. If you have an idea what your book lover has on their shelves already, look into getting them…a book.

No, really, I’m not being a smart-ass. Nice books are awesome to us book lovers. For our wedding anniversary, my husband gave me Stardust by Neil Gaiman. It’s a beautiful hardcover copy with a blue and gold cover and artwork embellishing the beginning of each chapter. This is the sort of book I’d want to grab on the way out the door during a fire, the kind that will still be beautiful in a hundred years. Hardcover books and antique books are excellent choices for the true bibliophile.



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