Holiday Stress Tips: Survive the Holidays with Covet

On day one of the Survive the Holidays event, the Covet authors teased and tormented us with their oh so yummy holiday recipes. And then yesterday, on day two of the event, the authors shared tips on how to deal with holiday stress.  We don’t know about you, but this time of year can be crazy stressful, and so we’ve compiled their tips all in one handy spot.

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Stress Tip #1 from Nina Croft, author of Operation Saving Daniel.

My tip for feeling good over the holidays is seemingly simple but easy to forget – drink lots of water in between the alcohol and the food. It can really make a difference to how you feel – it rehydrates and also makes you feel a little fuller so you might not overindulge quite so much!


Stress Tip #2 from Abby Niles, author of The Awakening Series.


I don’t know about ya’ll, but nothing can make the happiness that expanded my chest as I watched my kids excitedly open their presents wither faster than those two same kids wanting those new toys NOW—while I’m wrestling with a blue-million twisty ties, tiny-as-heck rubber bands or installing software. For those determined-to-drive-a-parent-to-drink toy packages (you know the ones I’m talking about. The ones where the company has broken out the entire arsenal of restraints to keep that dang toy trapped to the plastic casing. And just when you think you finally have it free—there’s still one…and by God whatever it is…it’s invisible) Save yourself the frustration, free that toy before you wrap it, then place it back in the package, that way your kid can just open the box and take it out. For electronics, charge it, install whatever needs to be installed etc. That way they can just go. So less stressful.


Stress Tip #3 from Susannah Scott, author of Luck of the Dragon:


I usually try to get outside and walk each day, clear my head. Oh, and the Scorpion Punch by the fireside, helps! I love to find a good series with several seasons to watch too. This year we are watching LIFE with Damien Lewis (from Homeland) Highly recommend, it is good!


Stress Tip #4 from Christy Gissendaner, author of One Hot Knight:


My holiday survival tip is quite simple.

Loose pants.

That’s it. That’s all you need to survive the holidays intact…and comfy! Trust me on this. After all the glorious recipes the Covet authors showcased yesterday, and the yummy cakes and deserts soon to come to your holiday table, you’re going to want to invest in a couple of elastic-waist pants.


Stress Tip #5 from Candace Havens, author of Take it Like a Vamp & Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My!:

My holiday survival tip is music.

Put a playlist together of your favorite holiday music to help put you in the mood. It’s hard to be sullen and angry when Bing Crosby is singing about dreaming of a white Christmas, or Kelly Clarkson is belting out Run Run Rudolph. Also, if at all possible take a hot soaky bath for an hour. I can handle almost anything after a long, hot bath.


Stress Tip #6 from Kristin Miller, author of the Seattle Wolf Pack series:



It’s one night. A cheat night, if you will. Christmas is the one day where I make or bake everyone’s favorite food. There’s fudge for me. Salami, cream cheese, wax peppers for my dear husband, and hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers for the kids. I also prepare deviled eggs for my father-in-law and spinach dip in a sourdough bread bowl for my mother. I don’t make these things often, so it’s a treat to see everyone’s excitement when their favorite food is set out. I soon learned that it’s not necessarily about the food—it’s about making a loved one happy and that’s the sweetest indulgence of all.


Stress Tip #7 from Mark Henry, author of Parts & Wreck:


There’s nothing worse this time of year than overextending yourself. It’s party season, but you don’t have to let that stress you out. Friends or not, you don’t have to go to every shindig you’re invited to. We all know what you really want to do is lounge on your couch eating handfuls of Cheetos and watching ridiculous Syfy channel movies. I know what you’re thinking. But how, Mark? How do I get out of these seemingly unavoidable obligations?

Lucky for you, society has become less social in this internet age, what with people using Facebook evites and texts. What you need to do is utilize a few hacks, a few loopholes in the system.

Step 1: Whatever you do, don’t respond to the evit. Don’t say no. Don’t say maybe. Don’t click ANYTHING. You’re setting up your alibi here. Trust me.

Step 2 (and you only need this if you’re confronted): Repeat after me, “I didn’t get the evite.” Simple as that. There may be some scowling, some disbelief. Just stay strong.

Step 3: Queue up Pinata: Survival Island or Sharknado, or whatever low-budget stuff you’re into. Your finger will be covered in Cheeto gloves in no time!



Stress Tip #8 from Tiffany Allee, author of Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid:


My holiday survival tip is: let go of work for a few hours, or a few days. However long you have with your family. This can be tough to do if you’re a bit of a workaholic (*cough*), but believe me, if you’re anything like me and living far away from loved ones, that time is more valueable than the extra bit of work you can get in. Also, if your family is anything like mine (loud and rambunctious), trying to work will be an exercise in futility anyway.


Stress Tip #9 from Lisa Kessler, author of Beg Me to Slay:


I don’t know about you, but I’m the world’s WORST gift wrapper! LOL I either don’t cut a big enough piece of wrapping paper and have to patch the gift or I cut a huge piece and have gobs of paper at the ends. *sigh*  But gift bags are a MIRACLE!!!  And the best part is you can keep recycling them! I save all the gift bags we receive and use them the following year. It saves money, time and frustration…  Happy Holidays! 🙂


Stress Tip #10 from Boone Brux, author of Suddenly Beautiful:


My “Good Enough” motto. Not everything has to be on a Martha Stewart Grand Scale. As long as I show up and bring something edible, life is good. Also, I’ll pay a little more for convenience and less stress. Costco snack platters are my friends.


Stress Tip #11 from Sarah Gilman, author of Ashes:


It’s okay to say no.

I’m not a Grinch by any means, but sometimes during the holidays, there’s too much going on. Too much driving, too much money being spent, too many people (introverts of the world, unite—in spirit!). It can drive even the most festive of us to the edge. Know your limits and remember that the holidays are about warmth and family and cheer—not about pleasing everyone and suffering through stress.



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