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Legend Wars


Sacrifice of Passion, by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez, is a romantic paranormal read. It deals with the legend of the Chupacabra, a mysterious creature that is rumored to attack livestock and drink their blood. The legend is one that is both terrifying and mysterious.

Because we at Entangled love a good legend, we thought it would be fun to host a contest where you get to share with us your favorite scary legend. What legend makes you pee in your pants Or turns your hair white? Which one leaves you sleeping with the light on when you go to bed?

Share your legend with us in the comments HERE  for a chance to win one of ten copies of Bare-Naked Lola by Melissa Burbon Ramirez. Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, February 13, 2012.


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  • In a rural valley near Chico, CA, there is an old covered bridge that runs over a small river. Back in the 70s when I was going to college there, the local legend was that if you walked across that covered bridge at midnight during a full moon, you’d see the ghost of a young woman who had hanged herself from the rafters in the late 1800s.

    I was a very, very firm believer in things supernatural back then, and to a lesser degree, still am. The thought of encountering this wayward spirit made my skin crawl, but my girlfriend at the time talked me into going out there and testing the theory one freezing cold winter night. The sky was totally clear when we left town, but by the time we made the drive up the valley and got to the bridge, the whole valley was filled with fog so thick you couldn’t have seen a ghost two feet away.

    So we didn’t see any ghosts that night… but we had a lot of fun keeping each other warm and cozy under the bridge!

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