Six Sentences, by Katee Robert


From QUEEN OF SWORDS, book one in the sexy Queens of the Galaxy series by Katee Robert

After overhearing some rather…interesting news, the hero, Boone, has just asked where his copilot Cole is. His sister (and the heroine of book two), Jenny, answers…

“He’s lurking around here somewhere, being a gigantic pain in my ass.”
The door swished opened. “I wouldn’t have to do so if you would merely listen to what I have to say.”  Cole stalked into the room, his body moving too smoothly to ever be mistaken for human, even without the fur and muzzle.
“There you go, lurking again. It’s damn creepy.”
Cole made a hissing sound that would have sent any sane person running for the hills. Jenny just grinned madly.

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