Movie Kisses That Don’t Make the Cut IRL

We’ve shared our favorite movie kisses that we’d love to recreate. But now it’s time to get real. There are some kisses that look super impressive in a movie, but IRL they just don’t measure up.

1.The Upside Down Spider-Man Kiss

We admit it, we tried this. Now no one was hanging from a building or anything, so we can’t verify if that might make it better. But speaking from kissing someone hanging upside down over the side of the bed, this one was not that sexy. The angle was too weird and there was a bit of teeth knocking, which is nails-on-a-chalkboard horrible. From experience, we don’t recommend trying this one at home.


2. The Waves Crashing Over You Kiss

This particular kiss from From Here to Eternity looks like the most amazing, hot, passionate moment. But again, from experience, not so much IRL. Let’s just say sand manages to find itself in some really awkward places. There’s also the whole salt water filling your mouth that’s a turn off, and beware of tiny hermit crabs, sand crabs, all the small creepy crabs. We won’t go into what happens when they decide to join in on the fun.


3. The Sharing Food Kiss

Don’t let this super sweet kiss from Lady and the Tramp fool you. Many of us swooned over this adorable moment, but IRL it’s rather awkward. For one, make sure you swallow said food before giving into the kiss. Truly sharing food is not pleasant or cute. At all. Also, make sure food isn’t soaked in red sauce. Red sauce can be a bit runny, which can lead to spillage everywhere, which is just not attractive. Not that we’d know this from experience or anything…


4. The Cruise Ship Bow Kiss

Ok, we love Jack and Rose. And Titanic helped us through a few rough break-ups over the years, but let’s get serious. Standing on the railing of a moving cruise ship? The wind alone would be miserable. But trying to maintain your balance without falling, or just looking like a goofball is way too much pressure to truly enjoy the moment. So be the king of queen of the world, let your hair blow in the wind, then get back down on deck and actually enjoy the make-out session. (Note: We attempted this reenactment on a much smaller boat. The fact that our driver seemed intent to toss us overboard for pure pleasure may have impacted this experiment.)


5. The Kissing Over a Cake with LIT Candles Kiss

We realize this moment from Sixteen Candles is an iconic scene for many ’80s fans. But come on. Leaning over a cake with lit candles? There is no way you’d get through this kiss without someone catching on fire. Or at a minimum, a perfectly good cake would totally be ruined.


So there you have it. The kisses that might look epic on film, but logistically just won’t be as good IRL. Have you tried to recreate any of these make-out sessions? Did you find success? Share your tips or total fails in the comments or find us on Twitter!

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