April Buddy Read: Star Bringer by Nina Croft and Tracy Wolff

I am so excited to announce our April buddy read, Star Bringer by Nina Croft and Tracy Wolff! We’re so so excited to be reading STAR BRINGER by Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft with you all for April! Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi/space opera for spring?


Firefly meets The Breakfast Club in this snarky, new adult romance.

The sun is dying…and it’s happening way too damn fast. With the clock ticking, the Nine Planets’ only hope of survival rests on a fancy space station and the alien artifact it’s carrying. Which is why it really sucks when some jackass doesn’t want the universe saved and blows that station up—while you’re still on it.

So if your only choices are flaming death or stealing a flying hunk of space junk—you pick that busted-ass spaceship. Even if it leaves seven strangers with deadly secrets trapped together: a princess, a prisoner, a con artist, a warrior, a priestess, a mercenary, and an asshole in charge of us all.

Now every faction in the galaxy is hunting this ship—from the Sisterhood to the Corporation, and the rebellion’s joining in on the fun, too. We just need to stop drinking, fighting, and screwing long enough to evade them all and save the freaking universe…somehow.

Because apparently the only thing standing between a dying sun and ultimate salvation is seven unlikely misfits…ahem, heroes.





Growing up, Nina Croft spent her time dreaming of faraway sunnier places and ponies. When she discovered both, and much more, could be found between the covers of a book, her life changed forever.

Later, she headed south, picked up a husband on the way, and together they discovered a love of travel and a dislike of 9-5 work. Eventually they stumbled upon the small almond farm in Spain they now call home.

Nina spends her days reading, writing and riding under the blue Spanish skies—sunshine and ponies. Proof that dreams can come true if you want them enough.

Tracy Wolff is a #1 New York Times, #1 International, and USA Today bestselling author as well as a lover of vampires, dragons, and all things that go bump in the night. She collects books, English degrees and lipsticks and has been known to forget where—and sometimes who—she is when immersed in a great novel. A one time English professor, she now devotes all her time to writing dark, action packed, romantic stories with tortured heroes and kick-butt heroines. She has written all of her seventy-plus novels from her home in Austin, Texas, which she shares with her partner, her sons and their three dogs. Visit her online at www.tracywolffauthor.com.


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STAR BRINGER will also be available wherever you get your e-books or audiobooks, and you can request it at your local library!



All of the channels for each set of chapters will remain open throughout the course of the month. You’re welcome to read ahead, take it slow, do whatever works best for you!

Week One: Chapter 1 to Chapter 24

Week Two: Chapter 25 to 50

Week Three: Chapter 51 to 76

Week Four: Chapter 77 to 100



First things first, you’ll need to join our Discord server! Once you’re in, be sure to read the rules—found in the rules channel on the left hand side. Feel free to introduce yourself in the discussion channel and scroll on down to the Buddy Read category to talk about the book!

The buddy read for STAR BRINGER will start on the first of next month, so for now enjoy ASSISTANT TO THE VILLAIN by the wonderfully talented Hannah Nicole Maehrer! It’s never too late to join our buddy reads, and our spoilers channel is always open to talk about your favourite Entangled title (and any other books you’re enjoying!)

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