Editor Wish Lists for April 2024

The editors at Entangled Publishing are always looking for the next breakout hit. Could that be your book? Each month, we have a new wish list from our editors. Watch for them as they’ll change monthly. Let’s discover each other today! All submissions can be sent through our Submittable system. The link can be found here: https://entangledpublishing.submittable.com/submit

If you’re looking for a specific editor and don’t see their name here, that means they are closed to submissions this month. Check back next month to see if they’ve reopened!

Alice Jerman, Senior Editor

My biggest asks right now are:
·  High-concept queer romantasy
·  Diverse stories and voices
·  Romance in genre fiction—horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasyMore generally, I love all kinds of fantasy—grounded or high concept. I will also consider sci-fi, paranormal, or contemporary if there’s a strong romantic plot. And while I love all sorts of fantasy, I am actively looking for a story that breathes new life into the genre, that feels fresh, whether in setting, style, voice, or character. That could be exploring an underrepresented mythology, inventing a new kind of magic, or discovering a new angle to a familiar trope. I’m interested in something that feels exciting and rejuvenating.

I am actively looking for queer stories by queer authors and am also looking for diverse stories from underrepresented voices, especially in the fantasy space. When it comes to style, I prefer high concept and hooky premises. I connect best with strong, confident voices, richly layered characters, and stories with multi-POVs.

I LOVE romance and am actively looking for stories that feature it prominently, with a big priority on queer romance. My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers and forbidden love. I like my romances to be angsty, and can do any heat level.

I prefer not to see any stories where SA or animal death features prominently.

Hoda Agharazi, Editor

In YA, I’m interested in contemporary, romance/romcoms, fantasy, and suspense/mystery. In contemporary, I especially love quirky and voice-driven stories. I enjoy both light-hearted stories as well as those that are more on the darker side. In fantasy, whether it’s set in our world or another, I’m a fan of anything from romantic fantasy to fast-paced and plot-driven adventures.

I’d love to see something with a big cast of characters / multi-POV.

If these could serve as a comp for your book, I’d love to see it: One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus, The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Revelle by Lyssa Mia Smith, Rubi Ramos’s Recipe for Success by Jessica Parra.

In Adult, I’m open to the same genres but am particularly looking for romcoms (emphasis on the comedy). If you can compare it to a ‘90s romcom – I want it! If you can comp your book to The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon, or anything by Helen Hoang or Sophie Kinsella, please send! I’d also absolutely love to see more fantasy / romantasy here. All levels of heat welcome. When it comes to romance, I prefer a slow burn and am not a great fit for insta-love.

In both YA and Adult, I’m drawn to character-driven stories, to immersive worlds and atmospheric settings – where the setting is almost a character itself, and high concept stories.

Some more things I’d love to see in general:

  • Banter!
  • Enemies to lovers.
  • Ensemble casts.
  • Antiheroes/Antiheroines.
  • Unlikely allies.
  • Friendship / Found family stories.
  • Retellings.
  • Stories set outside the US.
  • Alternate timelines.

Jen Bouvier, Editor

I’m an editor at Entangled Publishing, currently looking to acquire YA, NA, Adult Romance, and Women’s Fiction. For me personally, a central romance is required in all but Women’s Fiction.

In addition to regular submissions, I also consider samples from established authors interested in collaborative/IP work in the YA space. For that, please submit a previously published novel through the Entangled Teen form, following the submission guidelines, stating your interest in collaborative/IP.

Currently looking for:
YA crossover/NA
I mostly acquire speculative here, though I could be convinced to try my hand at another genre if it’s really commercial and high-concept. 🙂
  • I generally want big high-concept premises that can stand alone but could also turn into a series. I love working with prolific, ambitious authors.
  • I am perpetually lacking F/F and would particularly like to see intense sapphic love stories in the upper YA range with high tension and high chemistry. Morally grey characters and antiheroines or even villain romances would be delightful
  • In Paranormal, it’s key the paranormal beings include a new take we haven’t seen before.
  • In High Fantasy, a creative magic system and/or worldbuilding is essential for me
  • In Sci-Fi, accessible and fresh is key. I’d love to bring dystopian back on a hopepunk/solarpunk type note. (no space opera or colonization narratives)
  • In Horror, mythological or folklore elements, it’s fresh, and high-concept
  • I love dark, cinematic worlds
  • I would love to see cursed families and/or stories unpacking generational trauma
  • I enjoy a Gothic-inspired story—if you were inspired by classics like Wuthering Heights or Rebecca, please show me!
  • New spins on mythology and folklore are a perpetual favorite, but authenticity is a must.
  • Creative solutions for undiscovered historical mysteries (fantasy context–also selectively open to this in Adult!)
  • Something Addams family-inspired
  • Anything inspired by Bioware or Bethesda games
  • High-drama, obsessive love stories with lyrical, quotable prose that makes you put the book down and think
      Romance (Contemporary RomCom only)
  • A fresh meet cute is very important!
  • STEM-centric books. Biologists, physicists, medical doctors, you name it. Professions you don’t see a lot in books are my thing. Would love some women firefighters or carpenters—generally anything challening gender stereotypes!
  • Always love a 90s/00s movie retelling
  • Settings I’d love: museum, animal shelter, outer space, at sea, wildlife rehabilitation of some kind
      Women’s Fiction
  • I’m looking for books with a Thriller element and/or speculative elements. If you can see your book on the big screen and easily fit in with authors like R.F. Kuang, Christina Dalcher, or Nita Prose, I’d love a look. (No serial killers, sexual assault, or pregnancy/motherhood-centric books, please)
  • The next Time Traveler’s Wife
  • I’d also be interested in high-concept Women’s Fiction set in an unusual time period, ideally with a romantic element

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