15 LGBT Books To Add To Your TBR

Did someone say Pride Month? We’re so excited that we have another excuse to buzz about our LGBT titles! To get you reading, we’ve collected 15 out and ready to read titles for you to dive into.

Tripwrecked by A. Poland

Two men walk on a beach in a tropical region, boats in the distance. Along the top of the page is the authors name, A. Poland, with the title written beneath it, Tripwrecked, and the tagline below that "out with the old, in with the aussie."

Aiden Cole isn’t exactly running away. He’s just taking a month-long vacation halfway round the world. Spontaneously.

He may be ditching his job, his disastrous love life, family, and everything else, but nope, he’s just on vacation. Four weeks in a tiny little blip of an Australian town with impossibly blue waters and lush greenery. Only, he wasn’t expecting the world’s sexiest—albeit worst—handyman on the Sunshine Coast.

A fling, or even a little handsy action, was definitely not on his itinerary, but single dad Finn Schultz is too impressive to ignore. Weirdly tall, dark-eyed, and annoyingly hot, Finn might be worth adjusting the plan. Not to mention his tendency to keep rescuing Aiden—from wandering lost on the road, or even from what might be the most nightmarish spider on the planet.

It’s just supposed to be a vacation. A respite from the horrible mess he’s left behind. And yet somehow this strange but beautiful little town—and especially Finn—are slowly stealing Aiden’s near-broken heart. But there’s only so long he can hide from his so-called-life before it catches up with him…

The Valkyrie’s Daughter by Tiana Warner

A bright yellow background with a lighter yellow pattern on it. At the top and bottom corners is a dark filigree. In the centre of the cover is a dark shield with a javelin across it and wings behind it. At the top, it reads "Nine worlds. Two outcasts. One destiny." The title, The Valkyrie's Daughter, and the author, Tiana Warner, are both written on the cover as well.

Paste Magazine Pick for Best New Fantasy Books of July 2022

From the time she was born, Sigrid has only ever been ordinary. Being paired at birth with a plain horse—instead of the powerful winged mare of a valkyrie—meant there would be no warrior path for her. No riding the skies, no glory among the nine worlds. Just the simple, unremarkable life of a stable hand.

Everything changes when a terrible enemy ambushes Vanaheim and Sigrid sees a vision of herself atop a mythical stallion, leading the valkyries into a harrowing battle. Finally, she can grab her future with her own two hands and become the hero of her own story…if she dares.

But her destiny is tied up with Mariam, a fallen valkyrie who’s allied herself with the very enemy Sigrid is trying to stop.

Now Sigrid has left ordinary behind as she begins a journey with the beautiful—if treacherous—valkyrie, each step bringing her closer to answers…and to awakened feelings for Mariam.

But the life Sigrid left behind is starting to look a lot like paradise…especially when her destiny lies in the one place no mortal should tread: the gates of Hel.

When London Snow Falls by Hayden Stone

A blue background with simple linework of a town behind them. The two characters in front are brightly coloured, one dark haired with a yellow scarf and the other with blonde hair and a rainbow scarf. The title, When London Snow Falls, is written along the top, with the authors name, Hayden Stone, written along the bottom.

Charlie Renfrew is too busy and too broke for a love life. There’s no room in a schedule crammed with university, a full-time job, music, and his very committed relationship with overthinking. Hence the dating ban. Which is exactly when Ben Campbell shows up with his piercings, quirky knits, and indie rock fame. But maybe it’s time for Charlie to trade caffeine for something hotter, blonder, and completely out of his comfort zone.

Gorgeous, funny men don’t happen to Charlie. Not like this. Even if it’s ill-timed and too bloody complicated. But maybe a quick shag won’t hurt…

Sex might be easy, but being vulnerable isn’t. Not for Charlie, his anxiety, or his precarious stack of responsibilities. It would be so easy to fall into Ben’s world of cozy, snowy London where there’s love and sex and possibilities. But Charlie already knows what happens when he goes off course. Not to mention the consequences. And when the snow melts, he’ll have to put his heart back into a deep freeze…

The Gravity of Missing Things by Marisa Urgo

two painted people kiss. The paper they're painted on is ripped, revealing the title "THE GRAVITY OF MISSING THINGS." On the page is written "behind every secret is an even bigger lie" at the top, and the authors name, Marisa Urgo, on the bottom.

Flight 133 disappeared over the ocean. No wreckage. No distress signal. Just gone.

Suddenly, everyone on the news and social media is talking about whether the pilot intentionally crashed it—everyone but me. Because I know her. The pilot was my mom, and there’s no way she would hurt anyone. No one else knows that before she left, she wrote me a note. Trust me, it said.

Now it feels like someone split my world—and me—in two, and the only person who believes me is Landon. I want to trust him, to let him see who I really am, but I can’t. I have my secrets, the same way Mom has hers. All I know is falling for him will only make things more complicated.

Just as I start to open up, the answer to what really happened to Flight 133 could rip my world apart all over again—for good this time.

Of Trust and Heart by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

Two women in 1920s outfits stand before a bright golden wall. Above them, it reads "she never expected her." Over them, it says "OF TRUST AND HEART." The authors name, Charlotte Anne Hamilton is written across the bottom.

It’s 1923 and the Great War has already changed Lady Harriet Cunningham’s life in every way. Now she’s left her native Scotland to come to New York to find a husband. A husband she doesn’t wish for. But for Harriet, a secret and cleverly hidden speakeasy promises all kinds of pleasures that are illegal during Prohibition—especially for those whose love is as forbidden as the contraband champagne…

Harriet knows her duty. As the daughter of the Earl of Creoch, she’s expected to marry and marry well. To uphold her family’s esteemed reputation. And yet she’s here at this bar, wanting something forbidden. Someone. Because Harriet is entranced by the dark eyes and silky voice of singer Miss Rosalie Smith…and an attraction that is nothing less than a crime.

But Harriet can’t live in the world of secret speakeasies and furtive, desperate longing for a woman she can never have. Marriage and respectability beckons. And soon Rosalie will have to choose between the life she’s expected to live…and the breathtaking woman she can’t live without.

The Breath Between Waves by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

Two women in historical dress stand aboard the Titanic, the sun setting in the background. The tag line reads "a love story of titanic measures." The title says "The Breath Between Waves" with the authors name, Charlotte Anne Hamilton, written below. The title and authors names are separated by a filigree.

Penelope Fletcher gave up everything to board the RMS Titanic.

Forced to travel to America for her father’s new job, Penelope left her home in Scotland, her beloved grandmother, and even her girlfriend, who promptly got engaged to someone else. Heartbroken, Penelope isn’t looking forward to the weeklong journey. Or that her parents want her to find a husband in America. To make matters worse, she also has to share a cabin with a complete stranger.

Ruby Cole, her spunky Irish roommate, is unlike anyone Penelope ever met. They become fast friends as they bond over crushing family expectations and sneaking into lush parties together. That Ruby likes women, too, comes as a surprise to Penelope, but she knows their affair can only be temporary. Because as soon as the Titanic arrives in New York, Penelope will have to marry someone of her father’s choosing.

Before long, though, they’ll both have to decide what–and who–is really worth fighting for.

An Unexpected Kind of Love by Hayden Stone

A yellow background with a simple, linework town over top. In the foreground stands two men mid-walk. One of the men has short, dark hair and wears a blue shirt and yellow-ish pants. The other man has slightly longer brown hair, a orange-red shirt, and dark jeans. At the top of the cover, it reads "An Unexpected Kind of Love" with the authors name, Hayden Stone, along the bottom.

Bookstore owner Aubrey Barnes likes his quiet, orderly London life, thank you very much. His shop may be struggling, his only employee is a menace, and his plumbing is one creaky pipe away from disaster, but he can handle it. Maybe. He cannot, however, handle the film company that’s thrown his Soho street into chaos. And he definitely can’t handle the charismatic American actor Blake Sinclair.

Which is why he’s extremely reluctant to lease out his shop as a set for Blake’s film, but it’s his one opportunity to save his business. Now he can’t get away from the distractingly hot actor. Then Aubrey finds himself alone with Blake in a trailer…and what happens next turns London’s heat wave into an inferno that leaves him breathless.

Aubrey is not cut out for the high-profile life of celebrity dating—especially an American actor who’s not even out yet. Good thing their tryst is absolutely not going anywhere. But expecting nothing can be complicated…especially when it starts to mean everything.

add to tags: an unexpected kind of love

The Love Song of Ivy K. Harlowe by Hannah Moskowitz

A white book cover with two simple, line drawn women about to kiss. Their lips are the only thing coloured, one pink and one red. The title reads THE LOVE SONG OF IVY K HARLOWE, with the tagline "she wasn't supposed to fall in love... unless it was with me." underneath it. The authors name, Hannah Moskowitz, is written along the bottom.

Ivy K. Harlowe is a lot of things.

She’s my best friend.

She’s the center of attention.

She is, without fail, the hottest girl in the room. Anytime. Anyplace.

She has freckles and dimples and bright green eyes, and with someone else’s energy she’d be adorable. But there is nothing cute about Ivy. She is ice and hot metal and electricity.

She is the girl who every lesbian wants, but she has never been with the same person twice. She’s one-of-a-kind but also predictable, so I will always be Andie, her best friend, never Andie, her girlfriend.

Then she meets Dot, and Ivy does something even I would have never guessed—she sees Dot another day. And another. And another.

Now my world is slowly going up in smoke, and no matter what I do, the flames grow higher. She lit that match without knowing who or what it would burn.

Ivy K. Harlowe is a lot of things.

But falling in love wasn’t supposed to be one of them…unless it was with me.

A Curse of Roses by Diana Pinguicha

On a black background is an image of a young girl overtaken by pink and blue flowers. In the top left hand corner the tagline reads 'her love could destroy a kingdom.' Above her is the title, A Curse of Roses, with the authors name written at the bottom, Diana Pinguicha.

Based on Portuguese legend, this #OwnVoices historical fantasy is an epic tale of mystery, magic, and making the impossible choice between love and duty…

With just one touch, bread turns into roses. With just one bite, cheese turns into lilies.

There’s a famine plaguing the land, and Princess Yzabel is wasting food simply by trying to eat. Before she can even swallow, her magic—her curse—has turned her meal into a bouquet. She’s on the verge of starving, which only reminds her that the people of Portugal have been enduring the same pain for years.

If only it were possible to reverse her magic. Then she could turn flowers intofood.

Fatyan, a beautiful Enchanted Moura, is the only one who can help. But she is trapped by magical binds. She can teach Yzabel how to control her curse—if Yzabel sets her free with a kiss.

As the King of Portugal’s betrothed, Yzabel would be committing treason, but what good is a king if his country has starved to death?

With just one kiss, Fatyan is set free. And with just one kiss, Yzabel is yearning for more.

She’d sought out Fatyan to help her save the people. Now, loving her could mean Yzabel’s destruction.

A Curse of Roses includes themes, imagery, and content that might be triggering for some readers. Discussions of religious-based self harm, religious-based eating disorders, and religious-based internalized homophobia appear throughout the novel.

Most Ardently by Susan Mesler-Evans 

A blue background with two circles, one pink and the other purple, each with a stylized drawing of the two lead characters heads. In the top left hand corner, the imprint name is written: embrace. The title: Most Ardently. The tagline: Sometimes, Miss Right is the girl who's on your last nerve. The author: Susan Mesler-Evans

Elisa Benitez is proud of who she is, from her bitingly sarcastic remarks, to her love of both pretty boys and pretty girls. If someone doesn’t like her, that’s their problem, and Elisa couldn’t care less. Particularly if that person is Darcy Fitzgerald, a snobby, socially awkward heiress with an attitude problem and more money than she knows what to do with.

From the moment they meet, Elisa and Darcy are at each other’s throats — which is a bit unfortunate, since Darcy’s best friend is dating Elisa’s sister. It quickly becomes clear that fate intends to throw the two of them together, whether they like it or not. As hers and Darcy’s lives become more and more entwined, Elisa’s once-dull world quickly spirals into chaos in this story of pride, prejudice, and finding love with the people you least expect.

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Modern Romance by Madeline J. Reynolds

A purple baroque background with a pocket watching hanging before it. Two figures stand on the watch face. At the top of the page is the title, The Time Traveler's Guide to Modern Romance, with the tagline "their love has a time limit" written beside the top of the pocket watch. At the bottom is the authors name, Madeline J Reynolds.

Elias Caldwell needs more than his life in nineteenth-century England has to offer. He’d rather go on an adventure than spend one more minute at some stuffy party. When his grandfather gives him a pocket watch he claims can transport him to any place and time, Elias doesn’t believe it…until he’s whisked away to twenty-first-century America.

Tyler Forrester just wants to fall hopelessly in love. But making that kind of connection with someone has been more of a dream than reality. Then a boy appears out of thin air, a boy from the past. As he helps Elias navigate a strange new world for him, introducing him to the wonders of espresso, binge-watching, and rock and roll, Tyler discovers Elias is exactly who he was missing.

But their love has time limit. Elias’s disappearance from the past has had devastating side effects, and now he must choose where he truly belongs—in the Victorian era, or with the boy who took him on an adventure he never dreamed possible?

The Uncrossing by Melissa Eastlake

A city street with a pink and blue overlay. In the foreground, two boys stand next to each other. The title, "The Uncrossing," the tagline "cross your heart and hope to love." The author, Melissa Eastlake.

Luke can uncross almost any curse—they unravel themselves for him like no one else. So working for the Kovrovs, one of the families controlling all the magic in New York, is exciting and dangerous, especially when he encounters the first curse he can’t break. And it involves Jeremy, the beloved, sheltered prince of the Kovrov family—the one boy he absolutely shouldn’t be falling for.

Jeremy’s been in love with cocky, talented Luke since they were kids. But from their first kiss, something’s missing. Jeremy’s family keeps generations of deadly secrets, forcing him to choose between love and loyalty. As Luke fights to break the curse, a magical, citywide war starts crackling, and it’s tied to Jeremy.

This might be the one curse Luke can’t uncross. If true love’s kiss fails, what’s left for him and Jeremy?

Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas

Two teen girls in summer clothes are sat on the steps. In the top left hand corner is the imprint, Teen Crush, with the tagline below it reading "Two girls. One kiss." The title: Keeping Her Secret: an Endless Summer Novel. The author: Sarah Nicolas.

Running into her childhood best friend at her new summer camp is not what Riya Johnson was expecting. Especially because she and Courtney Chastain once shared a secret, mind-blowing, life-altering kiss…right before Courtney went and completely crushed Riya’s heart. And now they’re supposed to spend the next four weeks sharing a bunk bed?

Courtney has what every girl wants—beauty, money, and being the object of every boy’s desire at Camp Pine Ridge. Too bad none of the guys comes even close to Riya’s kiss all those years ago. But Courtney needs to uphold appearances at all costs—even if it means instigating an all-out prank war with Riya as her main target.

Now they’re caught up in a game they can’t quit, and a kiss they can’t forget. But sometimes the only way to win against your crush is by breaking everyone’s rules…including their own.

His Holiday Crush by Cari Z.

Two men hold each other and kiss beneath the mistletoe. The title: His Holiday Crush. The Author: Cari Z. The Tagline: Tis the season for unexpected packages.

Workaholic attorney Max Robertson is one meeting away from making partner at a big NYC firm when his best friend calls and guilts him into coming back home for Christmas. But there’s a reason he hasn’t been back to Edgewood for a decade—too many bad memories. The plan was to go for just one night, until a wild deer and a snow bank wrecked everything.

Former Army Sergeant Dominic “Nicky” Bell is the new guy on the Edgewood police force, so of course he drew the short straw and is stuck working the night shift. But his evening gets turned upside-down when he gets called out to a wreck in the snow—and it’s his one and only high school crush, looking even sexier than he did back then.

When they both end up stranded together at Dominc’s house, sparks start to fly and Max isn’t sure what to do. But everyone deserves a present this holiday season, right?

Playing it Safe by Amy Andrews

A man with tattoos holds a rugby ball against a hazy red background. The title is PLAYING IT SAFE. The tagline is HE KNEW HE WAS TROUBLE... at the bottom of the cover it reads "USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Andrews"

Donovan Bane loves playing rugby for the Sydney Smoke. And if that means he has to keep his sexuality a secret, that’s a sacrifice he’s prepared to make—for now. He’d rather be known for his footy skills than being the first actively pro rugby player in Australia to officially come out. And that means no dating, no relationships, no sex. Nothing but playing ball.

Until Beckett Stanton changes everything.

Beck is out and proud—and not looking for a guy who isn’t. Been there, done that, total disaster. He certainly can’t afford to compromise his new job for the Sydney Smoke just because he’s locked eyes with Donovan Bane.

Big, gruff, and athletic isn’t usually Beck’s type, but for some reason this man is ticking every box.

Maybe he’s the one to show Donovan everything he’s been missing…

For the first time, Donovan isn’t playing by the rules. With Beck, he’s indulging in things he knows he can’t have. But when their relationship gets serious, Donovan faces a showdown between the career he loves and the man he’s falling for.

How can he possibly have both when losing is not an option?


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