The Perfect Books for Brides-To-Be!

When it comes to brides, Ginny Baird knows exactly what you need: and the Majestic Maine series is at the top of the list—though they aren’t her only books about brides!

Nell, Misty, and Charlotte Delaney would do anything to save their parents’ beloved café and home. But when an offer does come forth to fix it, it doesn’t take the shape any of them expect: marry the rich son of their family’s rival. 

First Bride to Fall 

The first book in the Majestic Maine series follows Nell, who would do just about anything to help her family. But a marriage of convenience? That’s too far. So Nell and her sisters strike up a deal: whoever hasn’t found love in thirty days has to step up and take one for the team. Good news? Nell already has someone in mind: Grant Williams. Bad news? She’s going to have to pretend to like the outdoors if she’s going to snag this adventure guide. Despite the fact that he’s well aware that she isn’t outdoorsy, Grant doesn’t really care at all—until he finds out about the bet.

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Second Bride Down

The second book in the Majestic Maine series follows aspiring artist Misty, who’s willing to sacrifice everything to save her parents’ café. But her sisters aren’t having it. Now, wrapped up in a deal, Misty has one month to find true love—and she definitely can’t fold. Especially when they post a “Marry Me: Misty” billboard outside town. Now Misty is fielding marriage proposals from strangers, and it’s a big cup of nope for café manager Lucas Reyes. It’s about time Lucas steps up and makes his feels known, and what better way than by stepping forward to her unwanted suitors and claiming they’re in a relationship? Misty has one week to come up with a solution, thanks to Lucas, and the two just have to act like they’re in love. But maybe they aren’t acting.

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Last Bride Standing

With ten days left until her families loan is due, Charlotte is ready to throw in the towel on the bet. But she’s never been one to admit defeat. So when Aidan Strong comes to Majestic, Maine, with zero intentions of marrying any of the sisters, Charlotte challenges him to a new wager. And the prize? His billion-dollar coffee empire. Winner takes all.

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Last Bride Standing is scheduled to release July 27, which means you have enough time to read the first two in time for the release!

Each book of the Majestic Maine series is a standalone, but they are best enjoyed in order. This wedding season, we’re making it extra easy to get your fix!

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