Tripwrecked Playlist with A. Poland

Aiden placed his hand on Finn’s upper thigh, afraid to look at the man directly but comforted by the stutter in his breath and the soft chuckle that escaped his lips.“All right.” Finn nodded, rolling his shoulders. “You’ve got it.”


A playlist for a tantalising car trip with the maybe-love-of-your life. 

For when you’re curled up in bed, reading a romance book that gives you that squee feeling in your chest. (Whether that’s ‘Tripwrecked’ or not is up to you.)

Even when you’re dancing in your lover’s kitchen, quietly singing the Bee Gees in case you wake up the eight year old daughter you’re desperately trying to win over. 

Or maybe just to vibe. 

This playlist (and Tripwrecked) has you covered.



Tripwrecked is a meet-cute, grump/sunshine, found-family fiesta that is sure to make any romcom fan smile long after the pages close and the playlist is on its fifth loop.


Aiden Cole isn’t exactly running away. He’s just taking a month-long vacation halfway round the world. Spontaneously.

He may be ditching his job, his disastrous love life, family, and everything else, but nope, he’s just on vacation. Four weeks in a tiny little blip of an Australian town with impossibly blue waters and lush greenery. Only, he wasn’t expecting the world’s sexiest—albeit worst—handyman on the Sunshine Coast.

A fling, or even a little handsy action, was definitely not on his itinerary, but single dad Finn Schultz is too impressive to ignore. Weirdly tall, dark-eyed, and annoyingly hot, Finn might be worth adjusting the plan. Not to mention his tendency to keep rescuing Aiden—from wandering lost on the road, or even from what might be the most nightmarish spider on the planet.

It’s just supposed to be a vacation. A respite from the horrible mess he’s left behind. And yet somehow this strange but beautiful little town—and especially Finn—are slowly stealing Aiden’s near-broken heart. But there’s only so long he can hide from his so-called-life before it catches up with him…


Fueled by a worrying tea addiction (with a tattoo to prove it), A. Poland is a rom-com writer from Ireland who delights in telling stories that make you fall in love with the characters and give you that squee feeling in your chest. Three words A. would use to describe her writing are funky, silly, and spicy. Which, coincidentally, is also their dancing style. When they’re not daydreaming of the next meet-cute, A. works as a video producer and a full-time dog mom to her pride and joy, Gizmo.

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