Worst Pick-Up Lines with Cathy Skendrovich

Worst Pick Up Lines

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard pick-up lines directed to me, being married for thirty-one years, but I have two college-age sons who are girl-magnets. That’s not bragging, either. Both boys can walk into a store, or library, or anyplace, stand and look befuddled, and within five minutes some young female will come up and talk to them.

My younger son, twenty-three, works as a valet at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point, CA, while he studies for a degree in Hospitality. He sees a lot of rich and famous people traipse through the luxury hotel, but there is one thing they all do that is no different than anyone else. They get drunk and say stupid things.

For example, just the other night my son brought a car up for four women; two mothers and their drinking-age daughters. At least three of them were tipsy. After they got in the car, my son said the usual, “Have a good evening.”

One of the daughters muttered something from the back seat, and they all laughed. Then the mother (the mother, mind you!) repeated it to my son. “Come with us. We’re four horny women!”

My son very politely replied, “Then you’d better get that resolved, ladies,” and shut the driver’s door before continuing back to his station.

Worst. Pickup. Line. Ever.

And I don’t want to think about the pickup lines he’s accepted!


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