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Top 5 Reasons I write


First, to empty my head.


Writers have busy brains. A few weeks before I decided to write, I was ironing, making up interesting things, conversations in my head, situations that would be funny, as I performed the boring task, and I thought, “I should write some of these down.” When I did, it was an extreme relief, a joy to finally find something to do with the crazy ideas that crowded my brain. LOL And the next thing I knew I was working on a romance novel.


Second, to change the world.


Writers see everything, and sometimes we see things before other people do. Like shifts in society. Truths that are so buried we worry no one will recognize them. So, we work them into books. In the nineties we wrote romances about how it was okay to be divorced or to have premarital sex…or to have sex with someone you didn’t plan on marrying. LOL We’d grown up with some “rules” that were shifting, and I genuinely believe that women who read romance novels wanted to see the new rules in action. We happily obliged.


Third, I write to escape sometimes.


In the beginning of my career, I was raising three rowdy kids. When I’d finally get them into bed, I’d slip into my office and spend time with people I could control: my characters. LOL I’d create small towns or companies or billionaires’ estates and take my people there, so I could be there…again, in an environment I could control.


Fourth, I write to deal with my own things.


In 2018 I lost my oldest child unexpectedly. He’d spent his life dealing with epilepsy, and I’d known he was tired of the never-ending, heartrending struggle. When he died, suddenly there was a huge hole in my life, an unwanted silence where the sound of his voice had been. Time on my hands that had been spent with him.


The only way I could cope for the first couple of weeks was to escape into writing a book. Then, this year, when things were clearer, I wrote a story about a hero who had lost his brother and I poured all my knowledge of grief and all my sadness over my own loss into that hero. I wanted readers to understand the truth of loss. But I also wanted to make some sense of it for myself.


And I did. Never underestimate the power of a good story to change you. And never underestimate how much of her soul a writer puts into her work, her characters.


Fifth and probably the best reason I write is because writing is fun.


Every morning, I get up, drink too much coffee, and then sit on my bed and spin tales. Lots of writers jokingly say they lie for a living. I think I spin yarns. I amuse and entertain. Sure, I bring out a life truth here and there, but mostly I entertain. I make you laugh. I draw you in. I give you a few hours of relaxation, an opportunity to safely ponder the changes in the world, gloriously escape, consider your own life, and amusement.


What could be better? More fun? Nothing.


For someone with a busy brain, there is no better job in the world.



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When Marine-turned-rancher, Cade Donovan, inherits his grandfather’s grocery store, he has no choice except to return home. A couple problems with that:

1) The small, gossiping town still doesn’t know the real reason Cade left twelve years ago.

2) For some reason, his grandfather added an unexpected detail to the will – Cade has to share ownership with Piper O’Riley.

The O’Rileys and the Donovans have been at each other’s throats ever since Cade’s grandfather won the store in a poker game. And now Cade has to share his inheritance with the enemy? The gorgeous, tempting, all-grown-up enemy…

After ditching two fiancés at the altar, Piper’s earned a reputation as the town’s runaway bride. Ironically, Piper is woefully inexperienced with men. Her attraction to Cade and working side-by-side with him is torture. By day, it’s non-stop-bickering, but at night, she can’t stop imagining all the delicious things Cade could teach her.

With the family grudge and the secret of why Cade really left town between them, there’s no way they could ever be together. Right?




A one-time legal secretary and director of a charitable foundation, Susan Meier found her own personal ‘bliss’ when she became a full-time novelist. She’s visited ski lodges and candy factories for “research” and works in her pajamas. But the real joy of her job is creating stories about women for women. In her sixty published novels, she’s tackled issues like infertility, losing a child and becoming widowed. Her favorite stories are those that inspire laughter through tears. Susan lives in western Pennsylvania with her own hero, their son and two fabulous felines, Sophia Maria Lolita Conchita Chiquita Banana and Fluffy.


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  • I’ve read most of Susan’s books. She writes characters.

    Susan, I’m also glad to hear you have voices in your head. I could hear conversations in my head and think what the heck who are these peopled.

    I hope you never stop writing Susan. I love your books.


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