We Love Bookshelves: Books in a Box

This month we are spotlighting the bookshelves of Entangled readers!


Hi I’m Cams, and a book blogger… Here’s my blog site http://homeofabooklover.blogspot.com/

I help authors/publishers to promote their books as much as I can and of course I post reviews. I love doing it coz it’s like just by reading or creating paragraphs, everything will change. In those simple way I could help people and aspiring authors.

I don’t have much books, and I don’t have a shelf so I put them in a box. I haven’t buy a shelf yet until now.

I didn’t know that I have 120 books with me right now, others were borrowed by my friends and others are ebooks! It’s cool that i have all these. As far as I remember I just bought a book entitled Night by Elie Wiesel once, and read it coz it is a requirement for college. Since then I get addicted to reading again and as time pass by I collect books and now the result is that in the photo.

It is fun,



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