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It’s New Release Monday!

Check out all of our hot new romance this week at Entangled.




Red Zone by Janet Elizabeth Henderson


In a world where everything you see and hear is recorded by an implant in your brain, Friday Jones has seen something she shouldn’t. And now everyone either wants her dead or to steal what’s locked in her memory banks. The last thing Striker wants to do is draw attention to his team and their special abilities. Helping Friday will do exactly that. She’s hard-headed, smart, and a walking dead woman. But when he discovers what’s in her head, there’s no way he’s going to leave her behind.

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The Rookie by Abigail Owen


Dragon shifter Aidan Paytah fought to earn his precarious place on the Huracán enforcer team. He can’t fail or afford distractions, no matter how tempting—until Sera Morrison shows dragon sign…and chooses him as her mate. With the Alliance using the sweet single mother as a political pawn, intending to force a mating that could kill her in an effort to save the High King, Aidan has no choice but to kidnap her, which may lead to a far worse fate for them both…

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Pirate’s Pleasure by Lisa Kessler


John Smyth has survived mutinous pirate crews, wars, and the passage of centuries by keeping his life as he did his ships, organized and well stocked. But when his crew is tasked with stealing Pandora’s Box, it opens a door to destruction, and her name is Harmony Andrews. What she doesn’t realize is the box she just stole is the one her boss is looking for––the boss who just happens to be an immortal pirate.

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Highland Salvation by Lori Ann Bailey

Finlay Cameron weds stunning Blair Macnab to ensure her clan’s loyalty. She’s everything he’s ever wanted, but she may be plotting his murder. Always considered nothing but a pretty face, Blair Macnab refuses to be used as a political pawn, but when confronted by a blackmailer, she marries the brawny Finlay Cameron to escape. But her blackmailer is hot on her trail and her secrets could soon be exposed…

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The Madness of Miss Grey by Julia Bennet

All of society believes former actress Helen Grey to be mad, but after a decade imprisoned in a crumbling Yorkshire asylum, she’s managed to cling to sanity. When a new doctor arrives, Dr. William Carter, she finally sees an opportunity for freedom.

Helen and Will need to work together if she’s ever going to be free. It won’t be easy, not when her mysterious benefactor is determined to keep her locked up and hidden from society forever. When Helen is entangled in her own trap and begins to fall for Will too, she must fight not only for her liberty but for her right to love.

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The Lick Series Boxed Set by Naima Simone

Three sexy as hell stories from USA Today bestseller Naima Simone.

Only For a Night

I fought hard to escape the Irish mob life. Now, as the co-owner of Boston’s hottest aphrodisiac club, I’ve traded crime for the ultimate sexual fantasy. When Harper Shaw, the good girl I could never have, walks through the doors, she’s all I can think about. I’ll be hers only for one night. One night to explore her every fantasy. One night to push her limits. One night to make us both doubt if it will be enough…

Only for Your Touch

The Boston press calls her the Mob Princess. I call her trouble. Discretion is my business, and the reporters dogging her every step are bad news. She’s looking to tarnish her “good girl” image by getting dirty with me. I gave up a career as a thief, but Corrine Salvaggi’s wide eyes and sinful mouth damn near beg me to steal her innocence. To corrupt her. It’s just sex. Our little secret. For now…

Only for You

It’s been five years since Gabriella James damn near destroyed me with her betrayal, sending me to hell in a cage. I’ve crawled free and continue to battle my demons through underground fighting and sex. But now Gabriella’s back, begging for forgiveness. All I want is what she’s denied me for all these years—her body. I don’t trust her, and I’ll never forgive her. But that won’t stop me from taking her. Over and Over…

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