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The Konigsburg Playlist

When I began my Konigsburg series (Book 1, Venus In Blue Jeans, is currently available as a Book Bub special), I was living in South Texas, the center of Texas’s thriving music scene. It seemed natural to name the books in the series after song titles. But, of course, those song titles had to be appropriate for the books and characters. Each book in the series began with a quick search through iTunes and Spotify, looking for songs that worked. A tough job, but somebody had to do it!

  1. Venus In Blue Jeans. Song:

The hero of Venus In Blue Jeans, Cal Toleffson, thinks his true love, Docia Kent looks like Botticelli’s Venus, but a modern day version. “Venus In Blue Jeans” was just right, and I went with the Jimmy Clanton original.

  1. Wedding Bell Blues Song:

Cal and Docia get married with the help of Cal’s brother Pete and Docia’s best friend Janie Dupree. There are lots of songs with wedding in the title, but I love Laura Nyro’s version of “Wedding Bell Blues.

  1. Be My Baby Song:

A thriller featuring Cal’s brother Lars and his babysitter, Jess Carroll (who has a baby of her own to take care of). Lots of people recorded “Be My Baby,” but let’s go with the original by the Ronettes.

  1. Long Time Gone Song:

One more Toleffson brother, Erik, becomes the Konigsburg chief of police, and finds his true love, winery manager Morgan Barrett. There’s a more famous song called “Long Time Gone” by the Dixie Chicks, but I like Waylon Jennings’ version of a Roger Miller song.

  1. Brand New Me Song:

Bar owner hero Tom Ames is actually named for a Steve Earle song, and his lady, Deirdre Brandenburg, is Docia’s cousin who reinvents herself. The really appropriate song comes from Alicia Keyes.

  1. Don’t Forget Me Song:

I planned on naming this book something else (it’s all about reunited lovers Nando Avrogado and Kit Maldonado, plus a mysterious stranger), but then I heard Neko Case’s lovely version of Harry Nilsson’s song, and I was sold.

  1. Fearless Love Song:

My first chef book (but not my last) was with hero Joe LeBlanc, head chef at the Rose restaurant, who falls for singer/songwriter MG Carmody. The Bonnie Raitt title song is one of my favorites.

  1. Hungry Heart Song:

Barbecue, y’all—it’s Texas! The Barbecue King meets his match in a sexy sous chef named Darcy Cunningham. There may be other songs titled “Hungry Heart,” but I’m sticking with Bruce Springsteen’s version.



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All bookstore owner Docia Kent wants is a fling. And for her parents to butt out of her life for a while. The Texas Hill Country town of Konigsburg looks like the perfect place to get both. Especially when she gets a look at long, tall country vet Cal Toleffson.

Cal has other plans for Docia. One glance at this six-foot version of Botticelli’s Venus, and he knows he’s looking at the woman of his dreams. Now if he can convince her romance isn’t such a bad idea.

One night of mind-blowing sex isn’t the only thing that leaves them both stunned. With Docia’s bookstore under attack, Konigsburg suddenly doesn’t seem so welcoming.







Meg Benjamin spent twenty-plus years teaching writing and Web design in South Texas before pulling up roots and starting all over again on the Colorado Front Range. Her comic romances are set in the Texas Hill Country and the Colorado Rockies, which has given her the chance to sample some great wine and some wonderful food (research—it’s all research!). Her new Brewing Love series for Entangled has also given her the chance to get some experience with the wonders of Colorado beer (more research, honestly). Although she now lives in the foothills of the Rockies, Meg travels back to Texas regularly to visit her sons and her twin grandchildren. She and her hubs love to travel the back roads of the Rockies and you can find see pics of their adventures on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about Meg’s books, check out her website. Meg loves to hear from readers; contact her at meg@megbenjamin.com.

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