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Ah, the power of the people. That’s what Entangled has always been about. Grassroots. A strong fan base of readers. And word of mouth. When people talk books, our ears buzz. Literally.

That’s why we joined with Fancorps.  Entangled’s Fancorps groups are all about you–people who love books and who want to share them with the world, just like we do. It’s all about fun and the opportunity to be creative, to spread the love about your passion, and to earn rewards at the same time. It’s about connecting with the authors you love and the readers who are just as passionate as you. And the best part? You accrue points and earn rewards! Daemon Black t-shirts, anyone? Or how about a one on one chat session with Jennifer L. Armentrout?

First to launch is the Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux Series Fancorps. If you love Daemon Black (and face it, who doesn’t?), then this group is where you belong. Daemon is all man…er, alien, all the time. And the missions to show some Daemon love? Out of this world.

Sample Missions:

Share a favorite Daemon quote on Tumblr.

Make a Lux Vine! How much Lux love can you squeeze into 6 seconds?

Snap a picture of you reading one of the Lux books.

Easy, right?  But best of all, it’s fun! So join the Entangled Fancorps. There are imprint, author, and series groups, forums, and missions just waiting to be tackled.

Are you up for the challenge?


Join the Lux Series Fancorps, as well as other Entangled fan groups!

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