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Yay! #MusicMonday is probably my favourite blog of the week. As a writer, artist, and therapist I truly believe in the power of music to heal and inspire. Hubby and I go to concerts all the time, and I have a ridiculously eclectic taste in music — from seventies rock, eighties metal, new country, meditation classics, to Canadiana … the list goes on. Seriously, I like pretty much every type of music. The most recent concert we went to was a comeback tour for Journey and Def Leppard. I thought they would be washed-up, but the concert was surprisingly really good. It was no Guns and Roses, though. We saw G’n’R twice because their Not in This Lifetime Tour is epic.


Oh, yeah, did I mention that we also dress up, lol?






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You never escape the world you’re born into.

Eighteen-year-old Tienne Desrochers grew up in the rough world of the Noir et Bleu. Bikers. Outlaws. But after her dad’s murder, Tienne decides she’s had enough. She refuses to end up like her junkie mom. So she grabs her younger brother and leaves it all behind…including her boyfriend, Aiden Gyllenhall.

More comfortable in the middle of a bar fight than at a country club, living with her wealthy aunt and uncle is an adjustment, to say the least. No swearing. Designer shoes that pinch. And pretty, preppy boys like Leland Crofton instead of super-sexy, tattooed Aiden. But even the upper class can’t escape the rancid touch of underworld violence. And this time, Tienne won’t just learn who she really is—she’ll learn how to fight for what’s hers.







D.R. Graham is the author of Young Adult and New Adult novels. She worked as a social worker with at-risk youth for seven years before becoming a therapist in private practice. The clients she works with are children and teenagers and she writes novels that deal with issues relevant to young and new adults in love, transition, or crisis. She is also an award winning columnist for the Richmond News. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband.

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