#AskAnAuthor: Show Us Your Hat!




Tuesday January 15th is #NationalHatDay. To celebrate, we asked our authors to share their favorite hats. Check out what they shared with us.



Katherine Garbera, author of One Night Gamble:


These hats are very special to me. The little fur one was my great grandmother’s and I keep it i my office to remind me of her and her strength. The men’s hats were my grandfather’s and he always had a twinkle in his eye and when I see them, they make me smile.




Danielle M Haas, Bound by Danger, January 28, 2019


My fedora is my favorite hat because the ONLY time I wear it is on the beach! So, if I’m wearing this hat, I’m probably sitting in the Mexican sun watching my babies swim or sitting on a sandy beach in St. Thomas with my husband. At least those were the two places my fedora went with me last year! Oh, and my husband looks pretty good in his hat, too!



Michelle McLean, How to Blackmail a Highlander, January 14, 2019

My favorite hat is a tiny beenie that was knitted and donated by a group of nuns to the hospital where my daughter was born. She was a preemie, 2 months early, and as tiny as the hat was, we still had to fold it almost in half for it to fit her tiny head. I keep it in her scrapbook now. I love seeing it, seeing how tiny she used to be, and seeing her now in all her teenage glory 🙂 She’s come so far and grown into such an incredible, beautiful, wonderful young woman. But I love to look at this hat and remember my little Peanut Princess.






Shana Gray, The Nashville Bet December 2018

My red hat! I wear it whenever I’m on holiday. I’d gotten totally burnt in Bali last November, even with the hat on! But I loved it there – oh, to go back. You can see the hat on my FB page if you want. xoxo

Do you have a favorite hat? Let us know the story in the comments.

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